Friday, March 25, 2011

Song of the Week - "Closer to the Edge" by Thirty Seconds To Mars

This week, I'm giving Thirty Seconds To Mars the Song of the Week spot with "Closer to the Edge".  You know, I have to admit, way back in the day before lead singer, Jared Leto, became the rock star he is now and his acting career was just taking off in the teen drama, My So Called Life, I had a huge crush on him. I guess I was about fourteen when that show was on, and honestly, he was the only reason I'd watch it.  I didn' like the rest of the show, but for him, I tolerated it and all its melodrama.  Ah, the crushes of youth.  Really, I should do a Weekly Inspiration post with him, for old time's sake ;-)

But I'm digressing.  On to the song!  "Closer to the Edge", is off their latest album, This is War.  I had a tough time deciding between this song, "Kings and Queens", "From Yesterday"...well, you get the point.  I had a hard time picking which song of theirs I wanted to put up.  I'll just have to give them another Song post down the road.  This video has a cinematic feel to it, as many of theirs do, and the concert footage is really fantastic.  To learn more about Thirty Seconds To Mars, here's their website/blog:, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

As usual, I claim no ownership to this video, music, song, images, or anything therein.  All belong to the rightful copyright holder(s).  Enjoy!

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