Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank you to my readers and the M/M Romance Group!

Hey, everyone! As some of you may know, the M/MRomance Group on Goodreads was holding a Best of 2011 Awards.  I just saw the list of winners and I’m floored! I heard last night that one of the characters from my Instincts series, Titus Antonius Calidus, came in second for the Hottest Vampire Character. I was stunned, flattered, and ecstatic. Then as I looked over the list, I saw my short story, “A Little Bit Country,” also came in second for Best Free Story, and I got to experience that shock all over again.

When the nominations were going on, simply seeing my work and characters nominated was a more beautiful compliment than I could ever thank my readers for. And I’ll admit, the company I was among in these awards left me feeling star struck. So many amazing authors and so much talent! Just to be in a category with them was like a dream!  Then to place in two categories left me absolutely speechless. I’ve said more than once, an author is nothing without someone to read their stories. And I feel even more blessed because I have the best readers in the world!  All of you have given me so much support, in so many ways, the nominations in these awards included and beyond, and there aren’t words enough to express my gratitude.  Thank you, so very much!

And a huge thank you to the M/M Romance Group and the moderators there. I’m sure organizing these awards was a huge undertaking, but what a wonderful thing to do for authors, readers, and the genre!

Thank you again, to everyone who nominated my works and voted for them, and to the M/M Romance Group for hosting the awards. You all have my deepest appreciation <3 Congratulations to all the authors who were nominated and to the winners!