Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaser Tuesday Book Giveaway!

Hey there, ladies and gents! I wanted to share with you all a fun giveaway going on for one of my books!

The lovely and extremely talented, Z.A. Maxfield, was kind enough to have me over on her blog for Teaser Tuesday. She's posted an excerpt from one of my books with the characters' names removed. So if you'd like a chance to win one of my books, head on over to her place, read the snippet, and see if you can guess which of my books it's from!

Here's the link: http://zamaxfield.com/2013/11/19/tuesday-teaser-s-j-frost/

If you think you know the book the snippet is from, send an email to ZAM with the title. All the info on how to do that is on the post at her blog. With the names removed from the excerpt, it might be tricky to guess right! Then again, if you like my musicians, it might not be ;-)

Good luck to everyone who gives is a shot!

Friday, November 15, 2013

November Reader Appreciation Day: The Prize List!

Here we go, ladies and gentlemen! This is the prize list for November's Reader Appreciation Day! RAD will be held this Saturday, November 16th, at The Sweet Spot! This awesome collection of prizes has been generously donated by these talented authors as their way of saying "thank you" to the readers out there. There are links with each prize listed, so just click on those to learn more about each book or author!

Sloan, Jambrea, and I give our thanks to all of these fantastic authors for their generosity. We appreciate you joining with us in showing appreciation to readers!

Any author who would still like to donate a prize is welcomed to. All you have to do is send out an email to: thesweetspotmm@gmail.com  Please include what you'd like to donate for the November giveaway, a link to your work, and a cover art pic. Reader Appreciation Day is also an Open Excerpt Day, so all M/M authors are invited to stop by the Yahoo group, share excerpts, and your latest news!

Readers, be sure you swing by too and see what some of your favorite authors got going on! We put on this day all for you!

As usual, the prize list will be posted throughout the day at The Sweet Spot Yahoo group, starting at 8:00 am EST. Reader Appreciation Day wraps up about 8:00 pm EST, with the winners announced shortly thereafter. Authors who have donated a prize will be contacted after the giveaway closes with their winner's information so you can send your prize personally. To enter in the giveaway, just reply to any of the giveaway threads on the group.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at The Sweet Spot!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reader Appreciation Day: November 16th

Hello, everyone! Reader Appreciation Day and Open Excerpt Day over at The Sweet Spot is back! We had canceled October's to not conflict with the GayRomLit and after a month off, we're super excited to host RAD again! Here's the official announcement for November!

                                                     *              *            *

Saturday, November 16th, is Reader Appreciation Day at The Sweet Spot, the Yahoo Group run by Sloan ParkerJambrea Jo Jones, and me! This fun event is held on the third Saturday of every month and it's a day set aside on out group for authors of M/M Romance to say "thanks" to all the readers out there who support our writing efforts. The list of prizes donated by generous authors will be posted this Friday.

On Reader Appreciation Day (RAD), we'll post a giveaway thread throughout the day featuring a full list of all prizes available in the group. Just respond to one of the giveaway threads on the Yahoo Group between 8am and 8pm EST to be included in the drawing.

Readers, stop by the Yahoo Group  to chat with authors and enter for a chance to win free books and other prizes from a variety of M/M authors.

Authors, if you're interested in participating in the giveaway, send an email to: thesweetspotmm@gmail.com
Please include what you'd like to donate for the November giveaway, a link, and a cover art pic. For prizes, you can donate books, gift certificates, swag, and other items. All types of prizes are welcomed! In the future, we'll include you in our monthly announcement for a chance to donate. You can participate as little or as often as you'd like in the RAD giveaway.

Reader Appreciation Day is also an Open Excerpt Day, and all authors are welcomed to post to blurbs and excerpts of their work, and of course, share any other fun news you've got going on!

Hope to see you all at The Sweet Spot!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Reviews and an Interview

Hey, gang! I wanted to pass on a few good bits of news.

First, the lovely ladies at Totallybooked invited me over to their blog as a guest for their M/M Romance Week. I'm very flattered to have been asked to take part in this awesome week, with many more fantastic authors! I answered some very fun questions in a short interview. So if you'd like to head over there and take a peek, just click HERE.

Next, I'm so happy to share with you guys two wonderful and thoughtful reviews that have come in for REFINED INSTINCTS. One came from Hearts on Fire Reviews and I'm thrilled about it. My thanks goes out to the reviewer, Susan65 for taking the time to read the story and write up this awesome review for it. To see it, click HERE.

And the second review came in from MM Good Book Reviews and it's another one I couldn't be happier about. I give my thanks to the reviewer, Lisa, also for all her time and work with reading the book and writing the review. You guys can check it out by clicking HERE.

That's all I've got to share for now! Do feel welcomed to stop by the interview and check out the reviews!