Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Why, hello there, 2013. It's nice to meet you, especially since there were rumors, thanks to the Mayans, that you weren't coming. I'm glad, though, that you've arrived. Here's hoping we get along fabulously! 

Happy New Year!

It's the start of another year, a fresh beginning that will hopefully have many days filled with happiness for everyone. And of course, for many it means a time of looking back on what 2012 brought, and looking ahead hoping on what 2013 will bring. 

When I look back on 2012 as an author, I see a very good year. I'm extremely proud of the four stories I put out; Heartstrings, Of Honor and Love, Loving Instincts, and Feeling the Rhythm. At the start of 2012, I'd hoped to release four novels, but only managed three and one novella. Overall, I'd say that's not too bad. All those stories together roughly come to an approximate word count of 278,000. Where did all those words come from?! 

So even though I didn't get to everything I hoped to in 2012, I'm still counting it as a fantastic year. It even closed out with Conquest and No Fear being named on Totally Booked as two of their Favorite Reads of 2012! My thanks to them for the wonderful honor of being included on that fantastic list! 

Since 2012 was such a great year, that now brings me to what will I work toward for 2013? Well, here's what I'm thinking at this moment, though, it's all subject to change as the year goes on.

I'd like to see the fourth Instincts book, Adapting Instincts, release. Actually, it's kind of cheating for me to have that on my 2013 To Do List, since it was started and finished in 2012. All that's left to do is go through editing. But hey, there's still work to do on it, so I'm counting it! It's slated to release in March and will be my first release of the new year. Yay! There's one novel down!

After that...well, I don't have my next release planned. I've got to finish writing a few things first. So, 2013 might end up being a light release year for me, depending on how long it takes me to write the projects I want to get to and how long those books turn out to be. But on the project list for this year, in no particular order, are:

 - My first gay fantasy novel - Currently writing.

 - Tanner Hartell's story (lead singer from Lion's Rampant in Heartstrings) - Not started.

 - A novella for Brandon and Shunichi from the Conquest series - Not started and this one is a BIG maybe. Not 100% sure if I'll write this one yet. Maybe you guys can help me decide if you'd like to see a story about them taking the next step in their relationship ;-) 

 - The expanded version of "A Little Bit Country" - Not started yet, but it will be done! Oh yes. It will be done.

 - Instincts Book 5 - Maybe? Possibly? Still pondering, and yeah, not started yet. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, are my thoughts of what to do in 2013. As you can see, it's all still a bit sketchy at this point, but I ope it all sounds good. If you got suggestions on what you'd like to see, feel welcomed to say so! After all, the biggest part of what made 2012 such a wonderful year for me as an author was all of you. Throughout the year, you gave me and my work so much support. I'm eternally grateful, and I hope that in 2013, I'll be able to bring you more stories you'll enjoy! All the best wishes to each of you for happiness in this shiny New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!

    Looking over your list of possibilities, I have to say I would love to read Tanner's story. I'm sure it would be very interesting and entertaining. ;)

    A BIG yes to more about Brandon and Shun! I think it's time for them to make things more permanent. A nice ceremony would also let us catch up with the rest of the Conquest gang again. :)

    I really liked A Little Bit Country, so it would be great to read more about Ash and Jackson.

    Looking forward to Adapting Instincts, too.

    Basically, I will be more than happy to read anything you write. :D Hope 2013 is another wonderful year for you.

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! It's great to hear you like my list of possible stories :D And I'm glad to have your vote for a story for Brandon and Shunichi!

      Tanner, I'm just hoping when I sit down to write his story that I'll be able to keep up with him, lol!

      For Ash and Jackson, I know a lot of folks have wanted to see their story truly wrapped up, and I feel bad that I haven't been able to get to it, but I'm going to make them a priority in 2013!

      Thank you for looking forward to Adapting Instincts!

      You're so sweet to say such kind things about my work. Thank you! Hope the stories I release this year will be ones you'll enjoy!

  2. Yes please, write lots! I'd even babysit for you lol. I wish!

    1. lol! I will do my best to write lots! If you lived close, I would just might take you up on babysitting. I'm sure you and Alex would have a blast together :-)

  3. Happy New Year
    I really like a Novella for Brandon and Shunishi.I love these two guys.And for the other things on your projekt list,go on please, write, write, write.I love all your books and i'm waiting impatiently to read the next one.In the interim i reread Conquest,Heartstrings ........

    1. Happy New Year! Thank you so much about my books! That makes me very happy hearing you re-read Conquest and Heartstrings :D And I'm glad to have your vote too for a novella with Brandon and Shunichi. I'll do my best to get down lots of words and put out the best stories that I'm able to here in the new year! Thank you, again!

  4. Oh a big YES please for a HEA for Tanner in 2013. Heartstrings is one of my "go to" books when I'm in between reads :) And it would be nice to catch up with Brandon and Shun again. I did wonder (very briefly) if we were ever likely to see any children being adopted into the Conquest books? I'm guessing it's not likely for the band members so that left Brandon and Shun perhaps? Enjoyed reading A Little Bit Country so that would definitely be in my TBR pile. Happy New Year and happy writing to you for 2013. Cheers, Kath.

    1. Thanks so much! That's wonderful Heartstrings is your "go to" book. That's such a great compliment, and it makes me smile knowing you enjoy it that much :D

      It's good to hear you'd like to see Tanner's story, and some more with Brandon and Shun, too. I could see the two of them raising a child. They'd be great dads! I'm not sure if I'd work that into their novella, but I could see it in their future. I also think Evan would make a wonderful father :-) And thank you about A Little Bit Country, too!

      A very Happy New Year to you! Hope 2013 brings you much happiness!

  5. Yes, a book about Tanner, what a great story that would be. I have re read most of your books multiple times. Especially prior to a new release in the series.
    Brandon/Shun, would be a great add. Maybe a wedding? And, yes can't wait to read about Carl/Egill. And what about Renhart?

    I have always wanted to read more about Evan's album. I always thought this would be a great story since it would be his last album. The retirement of a great singer's career. Does he do one more tour? You have Conquest taking a break so Evan can finish. It's going to be a masterpiece, right?

    And you kinda opened door for Adam, from BHD?

    1. Thank you so incredibly much! It means more than I can say that you like my books enough to re-read them. I'm happy the stories hold up to being read more than once :D

      And it's nice to have your vote for Brandon and Shunichi, too. With how many are saying "yes" to a story about them, I'm thinking I may have to move them off my Maybe List to my To Write List.

      Thank you for looking forward to Carl and Egill in Adapting Instincts! Things are still looking really good for a March release. I should be able to release the blurb about it soon. And Renart, I haven't forgotten about him ;-) I was actually pondering that his story might be Instincts, Book 5.

      You're right about Evan's final album. I've been weighing about that, trying to decide about writing it. Evan's final album was going to be his masterpiece, especially since he was working with the orchestra.

      And yep, you're right again that there was some flirting between Adam and Delilah. Right now, though, I don't have plans to write anything with them. For the Conquest series, the only ones that are planned or tentative are Tanner's story, and Brandon and Shun. Not sure how much more there'll be with the guys after those.

      Thank you again, very much, for reading my stories!

    2. A story/novella/novel about Evan's final album would be a must read for me if we were ever fortunate enough for you to write about it. Now that would definitely make 2013 for me :). I also agree with you that Evan would make a pretty good Dad as well! Cheers, Kath.

    3. To be honest, I have the idea for the story, I've just been trying to decide about writing it. Probably going to keep pondering on it for a while. It's good to know you'd like to read it if I did write it! Thank you!

  6. Yay for more Ash & Jackson (you knew that was coming...lol). I'd also love to read more about Brandon and Shun. And if there were more of Jules and Morgan that wouldn't be a bad thing :)

    I think Tanner's story would be pretty interesting. I'd like to see him meet his match.

    1. lol! Thank you! And yep, I did ;-) Ash and Jackson will happen this year! I've even been informed I'll get a kick in the rump if I don't write the rest of their story, so it has to be done!

      And yay for you wanting to see some more Brandon and Shun, and Jules and Morgan, too! I'm not sure if I'll do another story with Jules and Morgan in the lead, I'm sure they'll make appearances in others.

      Tanner...yeah. It'll be interesting to see what happens when he meets his match. Of course, I've got to hope I can match him when I'm trying to work with him!

  7. Happy New Year!!! I can't wait for more books from you. You are on my must read list!! Can't wait for more on the Instincts series!! Tanner's story...the Conquest guys are always a fun read..
    You write I will keep reading!!

    1. A Happy New Year to you, too! Thank you so very much for looking forward to more of my books. That means a lot to me, and I hope you'll enjoy the stories I put out this year. Not too much longer of a wait on Adapting Instincts :D Things are still looking good for a March release on it. And thank you about Tanner's story, also! I'll keep doing my best to give you good stories to read!

  8. I'd love to read more about Brandon and Shun. Novel or Novella - everything's fine, as long as I can read more about them. LOL, that counts for all the Conquest guys. I really love to re-read the stories and spent time with them. They are my comfort reads.

    Tanner's story - hm, like I said in another post already, I'm not a great fan of his, but I think you'll do a great job telling his story so I'm looking forward to read Tanner growing up and falling in love. God, it would be funny, if he fell in love with his complete opposite.

    A story about Adam and Delilah would be great! I don't want to part with Conquest, BHD and Lions Rampant.


    1. Thank you so much, Gabriella! I think with so many people saying they'd like to read about Brandon and Shun, I'm definitely going to do it. It'll probably be novella length...but then, I never believe what I'm writing will turn into a novel until I'm crossing that 50,000 word mark, lol!

      I really hope I'll be able to redeem Tanner for you. He's such a wild child and really has a lot of growing up to do. He's given me some peeks at his story, so hopefully when I sit down to start working on it, it'll turn into a story you'll enjoy! Adam and Delilah would be a fun story to write, too. I'm not sure if I will, but I do love Delilah :-)

      It's such a wonderful compliment and it makes me so happy hearing you enjoy the guys and you don't want to part with them. And that you re-read the stories. Thank you so incredibly much! I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming ones as much as you have the others!

  9. It's not only about Evan masterpiece, but what is next for him? You hinted at a career of charity work or? He will probably continue to be manager of Conquest, but what else will him and Jesse do?

    And I agree that I do not want to part with Conquest, they are my comfort reads. Jesse and Evan character's are so vibrant and full of life. And their interaction with the rest of the band is so fun. The love and caring they share is wonderful.

    1. You're very right, there are a lot of questions surrounding Evan's future after being a recording artist. I've been giving a lot of serious thought to writing one more with him and Jesse as the lead characters.

      It means the world hearing you also don't want to part with the guys, and how Jesse and Evan feel to you. Those two have a very special place in my heart, and when I wrote their stories, I'd hoped they would come across exactly as you described. It makes me so happy that they did for you :D Thank you for those sweet words!

  10. Yeah, more Tanner please !!! I would also love to hear about Brandon and Shunichi. These two were gonna be my pick for this year.

    But then I read the comments and I feel like a kid in a candy store that can´t decide which one to pick .... Renart´s story would be interesting especially since I feel this has been coming ever since you started the series. But Adam and Delilah - also a great idea, maybe even more so because Adam sort of classes himself as straight. Ooohhh the choices!

    I love that you take the wishes of your readers into consideration. Not all authors are like that and it makes you special. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Katrin! Thank you so much for wanting more Tanner, and more Brandon and Shunichi, too! I think you're right, Renart's story is also one that's been a long time coming. I'm really going to have to give him some attention soon!

      I most definitely take my readers into consideration. Everyone gives me and my work so much support, and that means the world. The least I can do is ask what stories you'd like to see from me :-)

  11. Hi There!!! Your an amazing author you know??
    Just finshed the conquest series for the 4th time LOL.
    Please please write Tanner's story!!! I would also like to vote for Adam's story anyway I can get him :)
    Really looking forward to March 15th! Not long now

    Thanks so much for all your stories. I have loved every one!!!


    1. Hi Colette! Aww, thank you so very much for your sweet words. It means so incredibly much to hear things like that, and I'm very happy and flattered that you've read the Conquest series that much! Thank you!

      I do have some plans for Tanner ;-) Still hoping to get to him this year. I just started writing the expanded version of A Little Bit Country, so hopefully after that, I'll be going into either Tanner's story, or possibly a novella with Brandon and Shunichi. Haven't decided which to do first. But I'm also keeping Adam in mind, too.

      And thank you for looking forward to March 15th and Adapting Instincts! Only a week away now! Yay! I hope you'll enjoy Carl and Egill's story!

      Thank you again for your kind words!

    2. OMG. CHanged my mind!!!
      If I could order like a restaurant and COMPLETELY and rudley ignore your muse LOL, Renart and Tanner pretty pretty please.
      Had only really read Conquest books. Took up Instincts Series after reading Conquest again. Poor neglected Insticts books have been sitting there awhile to be read (Sorry - forgot about them, and Bk4 release reminded me) and again, another world you have completely pulled me into. Bring on Egill!!!!!!!!!
      Off to find more of yours books to tide me over :)
      Love Colette

    3. lol! Thanks so much! I'm very happy you enjoyed the Instincts books, too :D And I love to hear opinions on what books I should work on next!

      I would like to write a little something with Renart. I've got him in the running for Instincts #5. I was also thinking of doing a novella length going back to Daniel and Ryunosuke, and then there's one other character I'm considering, too. I hope you'll enjoy Carl and Egill when their story releases. I can't believe it's almost time for it to come out!

      If you like historical stories, I have a free one I wrote last year that takes place in Japan called Of Honor and Love. It's available for download on AllRomance eBooks, Smashwords, and Goodreads.

      Thanks again, so very much!