Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbows All Around Us by Nathan J. Morissey

Hello, ladies and gents! I'm honored to feature here fellow author, Nathan J. Morissey. Nathan is not only a wonderfully talented author, but also a super sweet person. He has many fantastic stories available and has been featured in several anthologies. A while back, he was kind enough to have me over to his blog, and I'm happy to return the favor in letting you all know about his newest release, "Rainbows All Around Us." For those who are looking for something new to add to your TBR list, here's a little about the book and where you can learn more about Nathan.

Deeply closeted and lonely, Justin spirals into a depression when he has no on to turn to. When compassionate and sexy Lucas enters the picture, he changes Justin into a confident and happy young gay man. But tragedy strikes when Lucas gets involved in the gay rights movement and attracts homophobic bigots. Can Justin protect his true love? Or will they be torn apart forever?

Set amid the gay marriage movement, Rainbows All Around Us, is an uplifting and inspirational gay love story about the difficulties of being both gay and masculine in the modern world, the importance of being yourself, and most importantly, the power of love to change your world. 

To purchase Rainbows All Around Us, please visit
Please also feel welcomed to visit Nathan at: and on Facebook at:

Weekly Inspiration - Jerome Kutscher

Hello, guys and gals! I know it's been forever since I posted any Weekly Inspiration...and I know you're all getting used to my slacking. I'm so sorry about that! But I hope to make it up to everyone by presenting to you one of my new favorite models for your inspiration, Jerome Kutscher. He's a young model, hailing from Germany, and getting more established in the modeling world. I couldn't find a lot of details about his career, though there are many pics of him around the Net, and he has a website! You know I always get happy when a model has a website. Granted at the time I'm writing this, his site is under construction, but I give him huge points just for having one. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:  And, I do believe I've found the official Facebook for him, click HERE for that. 

I hope everyone enjoys Jerome and he makes up for my long delays in posting inspiration!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reader Appreciation Day at The Sweet Spot!

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone is doing well! I have some super fun news to share! As some of you may know, the lovely and talented, Sloan Parker, and I run a Yahoo Group together called The Sweet Spot. Our group is a place where readers and authors of M/M romance are welcomed to hang out and chat about books, happenings in the writing world, pretty much anything and everything.

We have a lot of fun at TSS, and now it's getting even better! We're going to be holding our very first Reader Appreciation Day! Woo hoo! And what is Reader Appreciation Day, you ask? Why, it's a day where we authors say "Thank you," to those who make writing worthwhile; our readers. Here's our official announcement about it AND our excerpt day:

Announcing New Reader Appreciation Day with Giveaway!

We are thrilled to announce the all new M/M Reader Appreciation Day at The Sweet Spot. This is one day every month for authors of m/m romance to say thanks to all you readers out there who support our writing efforts.

Readers, every month stop by the Yahoo Group  to chat with authors and enter for a chance to win free books and other prizes from a variety of m/m authors.

The first Reader Appreciation Day will be held on Saturday, April 7th. On that day, we'll post a full list of all prizes available. Just respond to the giveaway thread on the Yahoo Group between 8am and 8pm EST to be included in the drawing.

Authors, if you're interested in participating in the giveaway, send an email to and with what you'd like to donate for the April giveaway. In the future, we'll include you in our monthly announcement for a chance to donate. You can participate as little or as often as you'd like. During the Reader Appreciation Day event, everyone who donated a book in the giveaway is welcome to post to the group with a blurb and buy link for their donated book(s).

Excerpt Day is Changing to the Third Saturday of Every Month!

We have decided to change our monthly excerpt day to the third Saturday of every month. There will be no excerpt day in March. The next one will take place Saturday, April 21st.

Authors, the rules for the excerpt day remain the same and are saved in the Files section of the Yahoo Group for your convenience.

Join us on Saturday, April 21st, for our next excerpt day to learn about the latest m/m releases.

Hope to see you there!

And one final fun piece of news regarding The Sweet Spot! For those who haven't seen, we now have a Facebook page! Yay! It launched just recently to be a companion to the Yahoo Group, and you can keep up on all the latest happenings with the group there, and also chat about books! If you'd like to see the page, please go here:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Giveaway at The Romance Reviews!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen! Some of you may have noticed a while back I posted a little badge over to the right for the One Year Anniversary Party of The Romance Reviews. If you've visited there, you know there have been some fun events going on and TONS of giveaways being offered. Well, tomorrow, March 20th, you'll have a chance to win one of my books, NATURAL INSTINCTS, in either print or ebook, winner's choice! Woo hoo! And yep, I will sign the print edition if that's what the winner would like.

To be entered in the giveaway, there's going to be a question relating to the book, along with a link that will provide the answer in case you don't know it. You can see some of the questions for other books that are up now. Answer the question correctly, and you're put in the running for the giveaway. Easy!

For more info on the event, you can either click on the badge to the right, or go here:

Here's wishing The Romance Reviews a very happy anniversary! Good luck to all who enter the giveaway!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Best of 2011 nominee: A NEW NORMAL by William Neale

Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I have some news to share. I just found out that my novel, Black Heart Down, has been nominated at The Romance Reviews for Best GLBT Contemporary Romance. I'm very flattered, but when I looked at the list, one title and one author stood out very strong to me, A NEW NORMAL by William Neale.

As many know, we tragically lost William this week. He was not only a gifted author, but a kind and wonderful man. I wanted to ask, for those who are inclined to vote, please consider voting for his book. If you scroll down to the middle of the page, you'll find the GLBT Contemporary Romance category and A NEW NORMAL is first on the list.

Here's the link to the voting page:

For those who would like to learn more about William, MLR Press has done this post in remembrance of him:

My thoughts and heart go out to his partner and family. May he rest in peace and may his stories continue to live on in the minds of his readers.