Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbows All Around Us by Nathan J. Morissey

Hello, ladies and gents! I'm honored to feature here fellow author, Nathan J. Morissey. Nathan is not only a wonderfully talented author, but also a super sweet person. He has many fantastic stories available and has been featured in several anthologies. A while back, he was kind enough to have me over to his blog, and I'm happy to return the favor in letting you all know about his newest release, "Rainbows All Around Us." For those who are looking for something new to add to your TBR list, here's a little about the book and where you can learn more about Nathan.

Deeply closeted and lonely, Justin spirals into a depression when he has no on to turn to. When compassionate and sexy Lucas enters the picture, he changes Justin into a confident and happy young gay man. But tragedy strikes when Lucas gets involved in the gay rights movement and attracts homophobic bigots. Can Justin protect his true love? Or will they be torn apart forever?

Set amid the gay marriage movement, Rainbows All Around Us, is an uplifting and inspirational gay love story about the difficulties of being both gay and masculine in the modern world, the importance of being yourself, and most importantly, the power of love to change your world. 

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