Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Final Victory!

For over a year, I've hoped to be able to write a post like this, and now, I am. I have received my letter of reversion granting me back full rights for Kissing Cody Starr from Ellora's Cave, the final title of mine that they held. Very soon, it will be removed for sale from their site and all third party distributors. I have now obtained my full publishing rights back on all of my books that had been published through them. Gaining back this book was the last fight in getting free from EC, and now it's done.

The sense of relief I have is unbelievable. Many of you have been with me through this battle, offering support and encouragement, and I can't thank you all enough. As you know, the books I had previously obtained from Ellora's Cave are going on to have bright futures with MLR Press. Vampire Prince, after revisions and editing, has just been released again under MLR.

I'm eternally grateful to MLR Press for taking on these books. With these titles being re-releases, it's a given that the sales on them won't be as high. For that alone, they could've turned the books away rather than put out their time, energy, and resources to publish them again. Instead, they're giving me the support and encouragement that they have throughout my writing career. MLR is a publishing house of integrity and professionalism, who treat their authors with respect, and I'm thrilled to have my books with them.

But do I have some bitterness and resentment toward EC for all I had to go through to get my books back and for all the money I've lost because of them? Sure, I do. But more than resentment and bitterness, I now feel relief and happiness to have gotten my books back and to be completely free from Ellora's Cave. The way out might not have been ideal, but still, I got out with my books. In the end, that's what matters and I count it as the ultimate victory.

So instead of focusing on all the negative that's taken place, I'm putting my energy toward positive actions; writing new stories and preparing these books to be published once again. And man, do I know Kissing Cody Starr needs a lot of work in the editing department! But it'll get done, and that book and Model Love will return better than ever, just as I believe Vampire Prince has. My creative spirit has been rejuvenated, and I feel like my writing career is my own again.

Once again, I give my deepest and most heartfelt thank you to everyone for your support. It's been a long journey, a tiring battle, but one that has concluded with a happy ending and victory.