Friday, December 12, 2014

Free Books!

Now that's what every book lover likes to hear! I know I do! Especially when they're FREE BOOKS by some incredibly talented authors and at an awesome publishing house. Starting December 13th, MLR Press is offering a book for free download through the 24th in celebration of the holidays and to give a little back to all the readers who give their support all year long.

Check out all these great books and authors!

And yep, on the 18th, Conquest is going to be available for free! So be sure to stop by MLR Press every day to get a free book, and maybe even discover a new favorite author :D

About Those Ellora's Cave Titles

In my last blog post about my new website layout, I said I put my Ellora's Cave books back on my website and I'd get around to explaining why soon. I do apologize that's taken me so long. Life keeps moving faster and faster, I swear.

With me putting the titles back on my website, and eventually I'll get them up here again too, I'm afraid it does not mean all is well between me and Ellora's Cave. They've issued two payments to me and as of this moment that I'm writing this, they've paid me up through June. So on that front, there's at least been improvement. But money isn't why I put those titles back up again. What's more important to me is I don't want my actions to have a harmful effect on anyone else.

When you're with a publishing house, you're connected to the other authors, even if you don't know them personally, or may have never spoken to some of them. At least, that's how I view it. I don't want other authors to be avoided because of issues I've had there. I'm not saying to buy Ellora's Cave titles. I'm not saying to not buy them. That's a personal decision that each person has a right to make on their own. For me personally, what it basically breaks down to is I don't want my negative experiences to have repercussions against anyone who is having (or hoping to have in the case of new authors) positive experiences with Ellora's Cave. Granted I'm not alone in my negative experience, but I'm just trying to make sure I'm not harming anyone else as I'm dealing with the negativity.

It also hit me when we had the last Reader Appreciation Day at the Sweet Spot, that if I do a giveaway offering a title from my backlist, and someone goes to my website to see the books I've written, if those books aren't up there, then they may not know they can select them for a prize.

And there's also the fact that payment aside, the editing (or lack thereof in regards to line editing and proofing supplied by Ellora's Cave) aside, I'm proud of the actual stories themselves. I love my guys in those stories. And I worked damn hard to write those books, so whether I'm getting paid or not, they're still my work. Even if Ellora's Cave won't give me my rights back, they're still MY books.

Now, do my reasons make sense? I honestly have no idea, but there's not a lot about the whole Ellora's Cave situation that does. All I know is, I'm still hoping for the best with all the authors, editors, reviewers, and readers who've gotten tangled in this.

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Website!

Well, I suppose it's not really new. It's still the same url, but my website,, has a new look now. It all came about because my host server decided to no longer support the platform my website was originally built on. Which, at first was annoying and it took a lot of hours to rebuild the site, but I think I like it better now, so it actually worked out for the best! The new site might still have a kink or two in it, but I think for the most part, I've worked them all out. I decided to go with a pretty clean and simple design, and I picked blue for the color because...well, it's Jesse Alexander's favorite color! So the color is for him :-) 

When I was rebuilding, I was going through my character stats and saw there are probably a few more characters I could do some basic stats on, such as Renart Bellerose and Troy Raines. But I also wanted to say, if there are any characters who don't have a stat page and you'd like to see one for them, please do feel welcomed to let me know! You can post it here, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, or email me. And if there's a little fact about a character that you'd like to know (such as favorite color), let me know and I'll see if I can work that into their page. 

Also, if you're checking out the site, you'll notice that I put my Ellora's Cave titles and excerpts up again. I'll be getting them up here eventually too. That's a whole other post on why I've decided to do that, and I'll get to writing it up about my decision and posting it soon.

And so, there we go! I just wanted to give a head's up that things are a little different on my website, and hopefully, a little more user friendly too. Hope everyone likes it!

Friday, November 14, 2014

November Reader Appreciation Day: The Prize List!

Hello, everyone! This Saturday, November 15th, is Reader Appreciation Day and Open Excerpt Day over at The Sweet Spot. It's been a while since we've hosted RAD. We've decided that we'll now be holding it every other month, rather than each month. This month's will be the last RAD for 2014! And we have some outstanding prizes donated by all these incredible authors to wrap up a great year. Thank you so much to all the authors who have donated! There are links with each prize listed, so just click on those to learn more about the books or authors.

Any author who would still like to donate a prize is welcomed to. All you have to do is send out an email to:  Please state what you'd like to donate for the November giveaway, include a link to your work and a cover art pic. Reader Appreciation Day is also an Open Excerpt Day, so all M/M authors are invited to stop by the Yahoo group, share excerpts and your latest news!

Readers, be sure you swing by and see what some of your favorite authors got going on! We put on this day all for you! And don't forget to enter in the giveaway on the Yahoo group!

The prize list will be posted throughout the day at The Sweet Spot Yahoo group, starting at 8:00 am EST. To enter in the giveaway, all you have to do is reply to one of the Giveaway emails. Reader Appreciation Day wraps up about 8:00 pm EST, with the winners announced shortly thereafter. Authors who have donated a prize will be contacted after the giveaway closes with their winner's information so you can send your prize personally. 

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at The Sweet Spot!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Conquest!

Five years ago, on October 21, 2009, my birthday, my life changed in an amazing way. On that day, I became a published author. I'd had a few short stories out prior, but this was different, bigger, even more special. It was the release day of my very first novel, Conquest.

I had started writing Conquest a few years prior in 2005, but it took time to build courage and polish the story before I really felt confident presenting it to publishers. It's been a wild ride these past five years, many highs, a few lows, but through all this time, all the stories I've written since, Conquest continues to have a special place in my heart and I know it always will.

I've said before that I credit the main character of Conquest, Jesse Alexander, with making me the author I am, and I still do. When I had returned to college to finish my Bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing, despite having taken some years off from school, I still didn't have a strong focus to become an author. I was dabbling in fantasy, thought that was the direction I was going in, then it all changed. Jesse came to me as a force stronger than anyone or anything I'd ever written about. And with him he brought Evan, Brandon, all those he knew and cared for. He also brought focus and direction, and as I worked on Conquest, I knew then where my heart was for storytelling.

From Conquest came the other books in the series. Then I began other works, the Instincts, the Terra series, some stand alone stories here and there. But it all began with Conquest and it's been the most amazing journey.

Along this journey, I've met some of the most incredible people. Authors and readers who inspire me, and whose kindness and support continue to touch my heart. I'm grateful to everyone who's joined me on this journey. Some of you have been with me since it began, some have joined recently. There really aren't adequate words to fully express how much it means to have you all be part of this journey with me. I'm so very thankful.

So here, on the five year anniversary of Conquest being published, I'm sending out love and gratitude to everyone who has let me share my stories with you. I'm giving my thanks to Jesse who began it all, and every character whose told me their story since. Here's to the journey continuing on.