Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Winner!

I hope everyone had a beautiful and happy Valentine's Day! I had a great one. My little guy was my Valentine (he's three years-old), and we hung out watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and reading picture books. Yep, it was a mommy's Valentine's Day :-) Though, the movie Bunraku did arrive at my house, and that was a nice surprise. I mean, who would want sexy Japanese rock star, Gackt, playing the role of a bad ass samurai at their house on Valentine's Day?

But enough about my Valentine's Day. You guys stopped by to see who the winner of the giveaway is! As I always do with my giveaways, I created a list with everyone who commented, and dropped it into to mix it all up and give me a winner. And that winner is....

Terri!  Congratulations!  I'll be getting in touch with you soon via the email address you posted.

To everyone, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. See so many of you stop by, familiar faces and some new ones, I'm just so very appreciative. Your compliments and sweet words gave me many smiles, and having your support means more than I can ever fully express. I've said before that my readers rock, and you do! It's always hard picking a single winner for these giveaways. But in the next few months, I'm going to be working on a sexy little short story featuring a familiar couple from the Conquest series and I'm going to post it for free on my website. That way everyone can have something for free!

Thank you again, everyone, for all your kindness and support!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Blog Hop Giveaway!

Ah, Valentine's Day. I'll admit, I do enjoy this holiday. Even when spending it on my own, there's just something about it that makes me happy. It must be the romantic in me. Which, I guess is a good thing considering I write romance stories ;-) But I do have hopes of giving one reader a special Valentine this year; a copy of one of my books, in ebook, from my backlist!

Yep, that's right! It's another blog hop giveaway just for Valentine's Day and I'm taking part! I'm sure by now, many of you know the drill, but for some this might be your first hop, so here's how it goes. Over to the right, you'll notice a button for the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop. I'll also post it below. If you click on it, you'll be whisked away to a site that will show you all the authors who are taking part in this giveaway. All 200+ of them! If you see an author whose contest you'd like to enter, just hop on over to their blog and see what their rules are. That's it!

For those who'd like to enter my giveaway for a chance to win any one book from my backlist in ebook, just leave a comment on this post. Be sure to include you email address so I can contact you. If you don't feel comfortable posting your email address publicly, please also feel welcomed to email me your entry at

I'll be announcing the winner on February 15th!

Many thanks to the fabulous Drea Becraft for once again putting this wonderful blog hop together! I'm wishing everyone a happy and beautiful Valentine's Day! Good luck to all who enter!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cover Art & Blurb for HEARTSTRINGS

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It's with great pleasure that I unveil to you the cover art and blurb for my next novel, HEARTSTRINGS. As of right now, I don't have a release date for it, but I'm thinking it should probably be within a couple months. Once I have a more concrete date, I'll be sure to post it here for everyone. I only just turned it in to my editor at MLR Press about a week ago, so she has to find some wiggle room in her schedule to fit it in.

This story is tied to the Conquest "world", as the new band in it, Lions Rampant, is freshly signed to Phoenix Records, and as some of you may remember, they're the label for Conquest, Evan Arden, and Black Heart Down. It kind of hit me that as far as the Conquest series goes, Phoenix can really be a center point for connecting all the artists. There will be some familiar faces making appearances in this book, but mostly it's about classical violinist, Las Lamont, and Lions Rampant. And yep, that's a lion rampant on the cover, a symbol of Scotland, which is where the band's name comes from. And yeah, that's a guy in a black leather kilt, too. A little glimpse of what you'll get to read about in the book ;-) This lovely cover is another one I'm proud to have from Winterheart Design, crafted by the talented Lex Valentine.

And now, I'm thrilled to introduce everyone to Las Lamont and Lions Rampant!

When violinist, Nicholas “Las” Lamont” would make his treasured violin sing, he could transfer the emotion of every piece to his listeners. That was before his passion faded. As Las performs the last concert on his tour, he realizes his lackluster playing goes against everything he used to love about music and he has two choices; rediscover his love for music, or stop playing.

Quinn Patrick, the leader and drummer of the Scottish rock band, Lions Rampant, lives for music. The instant he and Las meet, Quinn sees in him a man with a beautiful gift, but who’s lost his way.  He wants nothing more than to bring back the sensitivity and passion that made Las the virtuoso he is.

The more time Las spends with Quinn, the more he learns about what it is to love music. But if he’s to truly find happiness, he must open his heart not only to music again, but to Quinn as well.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Inspiration - Antonio Navas

Hooray! I'm FINALLY getting some Weekly Inspiration up for everyone! Time has been short these past few weeks, but now I've managed to find some. For a little while, at least. You see, I'm taking a short break from writing. It won't be for long, just a couple weeks to a month, or whenever the first round of edits on my next novel, HEARTSTRINGS, come in. And on a side note, I may soon have the cover art and blurb of that to share with y'all ;-)

But for now, on with the inspiration! This week I bring to you, Spanish model, Antonio Navas. He's been on the modeling circuit for a few years now, and he's worked with some of the top designers, photographers, and labels, including Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani. And no, I couldn't find what seemed like an official Twitter, Facebook, or website for him, but there are many profiles of him on modeling sites if you'd like to learn more about him. Enjoy!