Monday, August 1, 2016

Release Date: Heart's Gamble

Wow! Two posts in one day! I think that's a record for me ;-) But I wanted to stop by, as I promised I would, because I now have a release date on Heart's Gamble. My amazing editor at MLR Press told me that we're looking at September 16th. Not too far away at all!

In the post below, I wrote a bit more about the story and shared the blurb. My thanks to everyone who is interested in this sweet little romance novella :-)

New Cover Art and Blurb: Heart's Gamble

Hey there, everyone! I can't believe it's the first day of August! Fall is fast approaching, my little guy goes back school this month, and it feels like summer has flown by. It's been a busy and fun summer, and I have to plead guilty that I haven't been getting much writing done. I do, though, have two main projects started that I'll be throwing myself into this fall to finish and get ready for 2017. But more on those later ;-) Right now, I want to share with y'all about my next release!

I know some of you may recognize this title, I've mentioned it a few times, and now the book is finally going to see the light of day. As of right now, it's slated for a September release at MLR Press. Don't have an exact date yet, but once I do, I'll be sure to share it. For now, I'm thrilled to share the cover art and blurb to Heart's Gamble! This is a shorter, stand-alone novella. It's roughly about 30,000 words, and it's a sweet story with a focus on hope and second chances.

The cover art was made by fellow author and artist, Lex Valentine, and her graphics and design service, Winterheart Design. I think the cover is beautiful! I love the colors, and the horse looks so much like the namesake of the story, Thoroughbred mare, Heart's Gamble.

Being a horse owner myself and having helped some horses move on to better situations, this is a special story for me. I hope everyone will enjoy it when it releases :-)

Shawn Carlisle has dedicated his life to rescuing horses. Having grown up around the Thoroughbred racing industry, he knows for every champion racehorse, there are thousands more who end up broken and forgotten. When he rescues a mare named Heart’s Gamble, he’s heartbroken over her poor condition and he sets out to find her former owner to hold him accountable.

Grant Arrington inherited a horse farm that’s deep in debt from his father. He left years ago, not in agreement with his father’s harsh training methods, and is now trying to decide how to move forward. When he’s confronted by Shawn, he wants nothing more than to do right by Heart’s Gamble, and in the process, get closer to the passionate horse rescuer. The only problem is, he has to convince Shawn to take a gamble on what they could have together.