Friday, September 18, 2015

Vampire Prince - New Cover Art

Hello, everyone! I'm ecstatic to share with you all the shiny new cover for Vampire Prince! I had wanted a cover that would be very vampy, but also have class and sophistication, to match the gentleman that Prince Valentin is. I have to say, I'm in love with this cover and I think it's absolutely perfect!

I must give credit where it's due. This cover was made through Scarlet Tie Designs by amazing author and artist, Zathyn Priest. My heartfelt thanks goes out to him for using his beautiful talent to create this cover. He surpassed what I'd hoped for and delivered something even better. You may notice on the cover that it says Paranormal Nobles. This is the series name now, since a sequel will be coming :-)

Along with the new cover, the book has a new blurb and a tentative release date. Valentin, Sebastian, Sal, and Basil will make their return on November 27th. I've been revising, revising, and revising some more on the manuscript, and just this week, sent it off to my awesome editor at MLR Press. It's on the road to re-release now!

Thank you, so incredibly much, to everyone for the support and kindness that you've shown. I'm looking forward to this book's return and what's to come!

Three years ago, Sebastian Beaumont, was starving and struggling on the streets. An offer for safety and shelter was nothing but the lies of a vampire. Since then, he’s been trapped, surrendering his blood and body as a blood slave to vampires, all for the hope of gaining one more day of life and maybe, someday, his freedom.

Having crossed more than three hundred years of life, Valentin Wyndham, is a prince among vampires. Memories of betrayal still haunt him and love isn’t something he seeks. When his need for blood becomes too strong, he breaks his usual habits and visits a blood house. Though he tries to resist, he can’t help but be captivated by the beautiful Sebastian.

Unable to deny the intensity between them, Valentin frees Sebastian from the blood house, but danger follows them both from those who don’t want to let Sebastian go.

September Reader Appreciation Day - The Prize List!

Hello, everyone! This Saturday, September 19th, is Reader Appreciation Day and Open Excerpt Day over at The Sweet Spot. There's going to be a fantastic group of prizes offered! Sloan, Jambrea, and I give our thanks to all the authors who have donated to the giveaway! And readers, if you'd like to learn a little more about the prizes you could win tomorrow, feel welcomed to click on the links for each book/author and check them out :D

  • Karenna Colcroft - PDF copy of SALAD ON THE SIDE
  • Megan Linden - ebook copy of SERVE & PROTECT (1st winner)
  • Megan Linden - ebook copy of SERVE & PROTECT (2nd winner)
  • DP Denman - ebook copy of BLUE (due out 9/25/15)
  • Marie Sexton - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  • Chris McHart - ebook copy of SMALL STEPS
  • Leigh Ellwood - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  • ARe Books - one ebook copy of winner's choice from their OUT FOR YOU collection. Authors include Daisy Harris, Sean Michael, B.A. Tortuga, Shannon West, Amber Kell, Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, Sara York, and Lexxie Couper. Anastasia Vitsky and Leigh Ellwood have FF books in this collection. (1st winner)
  • ARe Books - one ebook copy of winner's choice from their OUT FOR YOU collection. (2nd winner)
  • ARe Books - one ebook copy of winner's choice from their OUT FOR YOU collection. (3rd winner)
  • VS Morgan - ebook copy of HUNTER'S MARK
  • L.M. Brown - ebook copy of TEMPESTUOUS TIDES
  • Cherie Noel - ebook copy of STORMING LOVE: FLOOD--SAM & PATRIC
  • BLMorticia - ebook copy of UNDER THE GUN
  • Evelise Archer - ebook copy of THE LEGEND OF THE DIAMOND GLOBE
  • Evelise Archer - $5 gift card to Amazon
  • Sloan Parker - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  • Jambrea Jo Jones - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist
  • S.J. Frost - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist

If there are authors who would still like to donate a prize, you're more than welcomed to. All you have to do is send out an email to:  Please state what you'd like to donate for the September giveaway, include a link to your work and a cover art pic. Reader Appreciation Day is also an Open Excerpt Day, so all M/M authors are invited to stop by the Yahoo group, share excerpts and your latest news! No prize donation needed for you to be able to hang out with us and share what you've got going on!

Readers, be sure you swing by and see what some of your favorite authors have been up to and maybe discover a new favorite, too! We put on this day all for you! And don't forget to enter in the giveaway on the Yahoo group!

The prize list will be posted throughout the day at The Sweet Spot Yahoo group, starting at 8:00 am EST. To enter in the giveaway, all you have to do is reply to one of the Giveaway emails. Reader Appreciation Day wraps up about 8:00 pm EST, with the winners announced shortly thereafter. Authors who have donated a prize will be contacted after the giveaway closes with their winner's information so you can send your prize personally. 

Hope to see everyone tomorrow at The Sweet Spot!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Partial Victory

Some of you may remember a while back that I was having some...issues with a publisher that held three of my books, Ellora's Cave. I know that in these past several months, I've fallen silent about that. Unfortunately, it hasn't been because all was well. There have been a lot of things that have happened in that time, but I've been quiet because I've been working on getting the rights back to my three books published there; Model Love, Vampire Prince, and Kissing Cody Starr. My emotions regarding the situation have been running extremely high, and I know myself well enough to know when nothing good is going to come out of my mouth --or through my fingers--so I've opted to keep quiet.

But now I'm happy to share some fantastic news. I've received my letter of reversion from Ellora's Cave for two of my books, Model Love and Vampire Prince. I have obtained full publishing rights back to these two titles!

I can't even begin to tell you the sheer joy I have in getting these two books back. Negotiations had to be done, and while the outcome was hard on me financially, what I've gained emotionally from having these two books returned to me is huge. I did not, however, get my rights back on Kissing Cody Starr, so that title will be staying with Ellora's Cave for a while longer. I'm disappointed about that, but I'll continue pushing forward to get that title back, as well.

What this means for Model Love and Vampire Prince is soon those books will no longer be available. They'll be pulled down from Ellora's Cave's website and all their vendor sites. I've already removed their covers and excerpts from my website. This does not mean, however, that they'll be gone forever.

Since knowing I would be getting my rights back, another tough decision came to me. What should I do with the books? I love these stories and I want to keep sharing them with readers, and so I decided to  find a new publishing house to be a home for the stories. I didn't have to look far. With the compassion and support they've always shown me, MLR Press is going to give Vampire Prince and Model Love a new home.

MLR is where all my books are published, and they've always treated me and my work with respect. Owner and author, Laura Baumbach, and Executive Editor, Kris Jacen, are two amazing ladies of the highest integrity who are very sharp in the publishing business. I've never worried about my work that I've put into MLR's hands, and I know Vampire Prince and Model Love will be well taken care of with them.

I'll be going through the stories and doing a round (or several) of thorough revisions. I'll get to put some of my touches that had been taken out of the books, back in. Once I go over them, then they'll go through content editing, line editing, and proofing with Kris and MLR's editing team. Since there is some work to do, along with making new cover art, the re-release for the books won't be immediate, but we're going to try to have Vampire Prince ready to come out again later this year.

Going through this situation with Ellora's Cave has been a heavy burden. It's worn me down and has clawed away at my creative spirit. I'll admit, before word came of getting my rights back to Model Love and Vampire Prince, I was resolved to walk away from writing for a while. The only thing that have kept me writing has been working with my beloved guys from the Conquest, Instincts, and Terra series. And though it's still hanging over me that I haven't yet gotten back Kissing Cody Starr, getting back Model Love and Vampire Prince has given me the boost I've needed and has me feeling positive once again.

My thanks to everyone for the support that's been shown through this situation!