Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - Kissing Couples

So, I have to start off with an apology.  Again.  I'm sure some of you noticed I didn't get a song posted for the Song of the Week.  I've been really sick the past few days, and sitting up for any length of time made my head feel like it was going to explode, so I didn't get around to finding a song for everyone.  Sorry!  But, I'm feeling a little better now, and while I figured I might be given a pass on not getting a song up, I couldn't let you guys go without your Weekly Inspiration :-)

For this week, I thought I'd do something a little different.  So often I put up a specific model, actor, or musician, but I thought I'd do a theme this time around, kissing couples.  With being a romance author, one of the most important scenes I write is that first kiss, whether it's truly the couple's first kiss in their relationship, or the first time you as the reader has seen them kiss.  A lot more goes into it than just lip locking.  I consider it a very important thing, and I try very hard to set the right mood for the couple and have their emotions ready for that connection with each other. 

Since I do write so many kisses, I wanted to put up some pics of couples kissing or who look as though they're about to.  And I have to say more apologies in that I don't know the specific photographers, men in these shots, or where to give credit unless the pics already had the info on them.  Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Napkin and wet nap please! So sexy and hot loved the pics. Cinders

  2. Glad you liked them! It was fun doing something different than just posting one guy. I think these have more emotion :-)