Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Japan

As many of you around the world know, on March 11, 2011, a massive 8.9 earthquake which triggered a devastating tsunami, struck Japan.  The destruction is monumental.  I've been watching the news, absolutely heartbroken by the images I'm seeing.  I can't even imagine what people there are going through, having everything in their lives ripped from them.  And far worse than losing a home and material possessions, is the loss of family and friends, as thousands of people are missing.

I know the chances of my message reaching anyone in Japan is slim, but I have to say to everyone there, please know you're not alone.  Here in the United States and all around the world, people are thinking of you, ready to support you in all and every way, to share our love, care, strength, and resources with you.  I'm holding all of you close in my thoughts and heart, and hoping, so very much, for your health and safety.

The United States has launched efforts to support Japan, sending our military and supplies, and also many private humanitarian organizations are rushing to lend their aid.  If you're like me, you want to help too, so I thought I'd put up some resources for those who'd like to lend their support to Japan.   

The American Red Cross is already putting forth efforts in Japan to help.  As one of the most tireless organizations in the world when it comes to helping humanity, they deserve support at all times, but especially in times like now when they're putting out all their resources to help those in need.  To make a donation,  you can visit the Red Cross website:  There, you can select specifically where you want your donation to go to, including the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.  You can also text 90999 to make a $10 donation, and this also goes to relief efforts in Japan.  CLICK HERE to learn more about that.

For me, whenever a disaster strikes, my first thought is for the children.  Save the Children is an organization that works specifically to aid the most vulnerable and precious members of human society, our children.  They're also collecting donations to help Japan and their children.  To learn more about Save the Children, here's their website: and CLICK HERE for specifically about donating to the earthquake and tsunami victims.

Doctors Without Borders is another wonderful organization that strives to provide medical care during times of disaster and crisis, and they've already sent medical teams to Japan.  To learn more and about how to make a donation, please see their website:

These are just a few non-profit humanitarian organizations that are currently hard at work with relief efforts in Japan.  There are many, many more.  By working together, we'll let the people of Japan know they're not alone, America and the world is here for them, and we'll help to rebuild Japan back to being the great nation it is.


  1. Thank you Shannon for posting this. You are not alone in your concern for Japan and all it's people in need.

  2. You are a very good woman. Already help what I could.

  3. You're very welcome, Susilien. I'm glad you stopped by and read it. Things in Japan are so incredibly heartbreaking, and I think people coming together to show support for the people there means so much.

    Aww, thank you, Cinders. You're very sweet to say that, and you're a very good woman, too. It's beautiful and kind of you to have helped. Every single bit means everything right now.