Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - Garrett Neff

For your inspiration this week, I'm offering American model, Garrett Neff.  An established and highly successful model, he's worked for many top designers and labels, including being a main face for Calvin Klein.  He's also in the 2011 Pirelli calendar with one of our previous Weekly Inspiration guys, Baptiste Giabiconi.  With the shots of Garrett I'm putting up, the ones with the snake are by photographer Stefano Moro for a feature called "Temptation" in the March 2011 issue of bmm Magazine.  Garrett looks perfectly comfortable with that snake, and big applause to him for that.  I'll admit, at first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, since snakes tend to freak me out, though I'm fine with them if they keep their distance, but after looking at the shots some more, I have to say, there really is something sensual about the images.

I couldn't find a website for him, or anything that looked like an official Facebook or Twitter.  Sorry!  But if you're interested in learning more about him, a little searching will bring up plenty more info on him.  And now, enjoy!


  1. I see he likes BIG snakes...I like watching them disappear into their hidey holes LOL If you get my meaning!LMAO I am bad sometimes HUH?!

  2. You ARE bad sometimes, but you're so good at it, lol! And you know what's funny, I looked at those pics and one of the things I thought was, "I wonder if anyone's written any m/m snake shifters..." If not, someone should!

  3. OOHH Snake shifters could be taken place in the Amazon with those creatures. That would be showing love can happens even across HUGH borders, cause not a lot of people like snakes. Good one Shannon!!

  4. Thank you! :D

    And an Anaconda shifter! That would be cool! You're absolutely right with how so many people don't like snakes, it could show love overcoming huge challenges. Oh man, there's totally a story in there!