Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - Jared Leto

So, in last week's Song of the Week post, I mentioned how in my younger years I had crushed on Jared Leto, and said how I should do a Weekly Inspiration post with him for old time's sake.  Well, guess what?  Here he is.  I thought now was a good time with just having talked about him and his band.

For those not familiar with him, Jared is an actor and the frontman of the band, Thirty Seconds To Mars, which he formed with his brother, Shannon, who plays the drums.  As far as his acting goes, he's been in a ton of movies.  Not even I've seen them all.  But I always think it's cool when a person can cross genres from acting to music or vice versa.  One thing about Jared is it's almost impossible to predict what look and style he'll be sporting from one minute to the next.  Clean shaven or scruffy, blond hair, brown hair, blue hair, long, short, and even that fabu pink mohawk in the "Closer to the Edge" video, he's always reinventing himself. 

To learn more about him, you can check out his website/blog,, his FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.  I think all his pages also have links for Thirty Seconds To Mars, and I included those in the Song of the Week spot for "Closer to the Edge."  And now, enjoy! 

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