Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cover art and blurb reveal: TO THE OTHER SIDE

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm beyond ecstatic to share with you all the gorgeous new cover for my upcoming release, TO THE OTHER SIDE. I can't even tell you all how much I love this cover. It was made by the very sweet and talented, Jared Rackler. When I saw it, I was absolutely floored. I think he did a fantastic job, and he's one talented man! I thank him very much for all the hard work he put into it!

I've just gotten edits back on this story last week, so that's my writing focus at the moment. I'm going to read over the full manuscript while doing the edits, then back to my lovely editor it will go. As of right now, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a June release on it at MLR Press, but no solid date yet. I'm moving a little slow on edits, so I'm to blame if it comes out later than projected. I'll own up to that now :-) But I'm still going to work my hardest and do my best to get this story out to all of you as soon as I can! I'm super excited about it, and can't wait to share it!

And now, here's the wonderful cover by Jared, and the blurb!


Garrett Evergard is a finder of secrets. As a biologist and environmentalist, it’s his job to go into wild lands and uncover their mysteries in order to save them. In the Pacific Northwest, he races against logging lobbyists to save a section of temperate rainforest, but the forest seems reluctant to give up her secrets. Until a fateful meeting with a rare spirit bear opens the door to wonders beyond anything he’s ever imagine, the greatest of those being the beautiful man who comes to his rescue.

As a witch and Gatekeeper, Bryson Summers is used to living a solitary life. He lives between two worlds, Earth and Terra, feeling not fully part of either, and dreams of meeting someone who understands him. From the moment he sees Garrett, he believes – and hopes – he’s looking upon a twin soul.

Dragons, unicorns, and a witch with enchanting brown eyes, Garrett tries to make sense of a world so different from anything he’s ever known. But his mind and heart are open, and he finds himself drawn more to Bryson with each day they spend together. When Bryson and the gate that links the two worlds fall under threat, Garrett is willing to do all he can to protect them, even if it means facing down dark magic.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful cover! It's mysterious, enticing and sexy. Great work! I can't wait to read the book.
    I keep my fingers crossed for the June release, too. Will it be early June or late June?


    1. Thank you! I absolutely love the cover. I think Jared did an incredible job! And thank you for looking forward to reading it! I'm not sure if it'll be early or late June. Probably all depends on how fast I get through edits. But I'm halfway through reading over the full manuscript and working on the first round of edits from my editor as I go. I should have it back to her tomorrow (fingers crossed!), so at least I'm making some progress :D