Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy birthday, Jesse!

Today is October 7th, the birthday of Jesse Alexander, singer extraordinaire and main character in my novels, CONQUEST and NO FEAR.  It's mentioned in CONQUEST the 7th is his birthday, and since writing the story, whenever this day comes around, I always have to tell him happy birthday.  Is it a little kooky of me?  Maybe.  But I make no secret that Jesse is very special to me and I give him credit for making me a published author.

So, happy birthday, dear Jesse.   And don't worry, I'll leave singing the "Happy Birthday Song" to Evan.  I know you'll like that much better than my off key screeching ;-) 


  1. I hope BRANDON gave him a nice present. Because you know...Brandon...:D

    Happy Birthday, Jesse. Give your brother a smooch from me.

  2. Yes Brandon should have made a hugh cake for his little bro...uummm SJ are ya working on our Brandon yet?? Just curious have a great weekend and think rockers..LOL Cinders

  3. Jesse wanted me to pass on his thanks for the birthday wishes! But Jambrea, now you've got Cinders cheering with you for Brandon, LOL! I'm sadly not working on him yet, but once I finished two current projects, it just might be his turn :D

    Hope you have a good weekend too, Cinders! I'll keep the rockers close in my mind for ya ;-)

  4. Can i just say I love Jesse and hope he makes and appearance your BHD books! Happy birthday Jesse! Love from Barb W.

  5. Jesse passes on hugs and thanks for the birthday wishes, Barb! And, he will be appearing in BHD's book! He wasn't about to let Kyler have all the fun ;-)