Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, I live in the wilds of Ohio.  Okay, it's not that wild.  Well, minus the fact that deer, raccoons, possums, and every other type of creature wander onto our property, and I was late going somewhere the other day because a flock of wild turkeys was blocking the road.  I guess that does sound like the unsettled frontier, doesn't it?  Since I'm a huge animal lover, I really enjoy seeing all the wildlife and sharing space with them.  But lately, I've had some run-ins with creatures I'm not all that thrilled about cohabitating with.

A few weeks ago on Facebook, I posted about the alien caterpillar who had been trying to invade my house.  It's a very cool looking little creature, though a little creepy, too.  After I took this picture, it promptly got moved off the door frame to a bush.  By the hubby.  No way I was going to touch it!

Now, if it was just this strange caterpillar, I'd be cool.  But not long ago, the hubby was chopping wood and was nearly eaten by the largest spider either of us have ever seen around here.  Of course, he had to catch it to show me.  I'm just glad he survived.  And yes, that's an egg sack Shelob is protecting (yay for a random LOTR reference).  Being the way I am, I felt bad for her and had the hubby release her and her future eight-legged demon spawn in a safe place.  I just couldn't let her be killed.  She was going to be a mother, after all.

And that's not all.  A few days ago, I went into my upstairs bathroom, and what did I find?  A toad on the toilet!  I stared at it, thinking it couldn't possibly be what I thought it was, but sure enough, yes it was.  But this isn't the first strange amphibian experience I've had this year, oh no!  This is the third!  The first happened earlier in the year when I was walking in the woods and a green tree frog jumped out at me.  I didn't even know there were tree frogs in my area.  Even the hubby was doubtful when I told him.  A couple weeks later, I opened the back door, and what hopped into the house?  A tree frog!  The hubby was rather surprised, but we caught said frog and returned him to the great outdoors, just as I did with this stray toad who seemed to think my bathroom would make a perfect winter home. 

Now, it's possible Toady got into the house the same way the tree frog did, but what I want to know is how did it get up a flight of stairs to the bathroom?!  Without a single one of my cats spotting it?!  I'm still baffling over it. 

Ah, country livin'.  I love animals and nature.  I truly do.  Even though the creepy crawlies aren't my favorites, I know they have their place in the world, too.  And I do have to admit, Toady and the tree frogs were kinda cute ;-)


  1. I love animals also but they just need to stay out of the houses. I have no pictures but we have a good number of black widows and it seems that they love me..AACCKK!! They are frickin deadly.

  2. Black widows! EEK!!! Please be careful around those things! Yikes!

    And I totally agree, the creepy crawlies need to stay out of the house. It happens every fall around here, all the things that should stay out try to get in because they're looking for a warm place to hunker down during winter, but it's been worse this year than ever before. Hope that doesn't mean we're in for a nasty winter.