Tuesday, February 1, 2011

S.J. Writing Update

Hey, everyone!  I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on what projects I'm working on and what's up for release, especially since I have a little more of an idea of things and what direction I'm heading with stories this year since my last update.  There are currently three main projects I have in the works at the moment, and they are:

1.) NATURAL INSTINCTS - An m/m vampire erotic romance novel.  This one is finished and we're going to be working on edits with it this month.  Depending on how fast I can work, there's a chance it could be releasing this February, early March at the latest, and it'll be published at MLR Press.

2.) BLACK HEART DOWN - This is another m/m rock star novel.  Those who have read NO FEAR might recognize BHD's name ;-)  I have a rough draft finished on it, and have gone through a couple rounds of polishing, but there's still more work to do before I officially hand it in.  I'm hoping for it to release before summer, but that wicked time thing and not having enough of it always comes into play.  It'll also be published at MLR Press.

3.) HEARTSTRINGS - An m/m contemporary erotic romance about a classical violinist and a rock drummer.  And nope, sorry, the drummer isn't Conquest's Brad.  The drummer is from a new band no one's met yet.  I'm in the process of writing this one at the moment and don't even have a finished draft yet, so I can't even begin to predict a release for it.

While those are the three main projects occupying my time, I do have many more planned for down the road.  Two ideas I have that I'd like to at least start writing this year are a longer work featuring Brandon Alexander and Shunichi Miyamoto from the Conquest series, and an m/m samurai historical.  And I haven't forgotten about Conquest's Brad.  I wouldn't mind fitting in working on a story with him leading, too.  I also have hopes of writing a sequel to NATURAL INSTINCTS, which could get moved up in the list if my vampires are well received by everyone.

I can't thank you all enough for the support you give me and I hope everything sounds good!  I'll continue to try my hardest and put out the best work I'm capable of delivering for all of you!


  1. Whooo Yoooo!! Cannot wait. Awesome sauce and hot monkey sex too.

  2. *squeals! *\o/* BHD for the win!
    AND another musician one??
    Have I told you lately I love you?
    (PS - love me some vamps too)

  3. Can't wait for the BHD book!!! Also looking forward to your take on a vampire romance! We really need to find a way so there more hour's in a day so we can get Brad's story to! LOL! Seriously can't wait for your next book! Barb W.

  4. BRANDON! BRANDON! BRANDON! Wha--- you said other things. I should look...Oh! Woohoo on the writing. BRANDON! Sorry...I seem to keep getting distracted! heehee

    MORE SJ BOOKS!!!! That makes me happy! :)

  5. LOL! I hope everything I put out is worth that praise, Cinders! Especially the hot monkey sex part!

    I'm glad my update earned me some love, Karen ;-) I'm super happy you're looking forward to BHD and you like vamps! And yep, more music boys will be on the way. I kinda got a thing for 'em. No surprise there, huh?

    Thank you, Barb! I'm really happy to hear you're looking forward to BHD and my vamps, too! I'm getting really excited about the vamps and seeing what everyone thinks of them. And I'm so with you on finding extra time so I can write more! I'm all for that, lol!

    Hmmm...Jambrea, I could be reading it wrong, but I'm thinking you want Brandon's story, right? ROFL! I do want to start him this year. I've got a race to lose, after all, heehee! Aww, and thanks for being excited about my others, too!

  6. BHD!!! Brandon!!! Brad!!! Thanks for the update. :) BHD!!! Brandon!!! Brad!!! Looking forward to everything.

  7. I'm glad everything sounds good :D Thank you very much! And now, I just need to actually write them all, lol!