Friday, February 4, 2011

Song of the Week - "21 Guns" by Green Day

This week's song goes to Green Day with "21 Guns."  I'll admit, for whatever reason, I had fallen out of touch with Green Day in recent years, but not long ago I heard this song again and it reminded me of them.  There's just something about it where all it takes is one listen, and it's stuck in your head.  Or that happens to me, anyhow.  I had to go with putting up a live performance of it since the embed code for studio version's official video was disabled on YouTube, but this is a good performance, I think.

And since I'm all about making life easy, if anyone wants to see what the band's up to, click here for their website:  If you head over there, you'll see they have a new live album coming out March 2011 titled Awesome as F**k

On a completely separate note, I just checked our Inspiration poll, and we've got a three-way tie going between Leonardo Corredor, Gackt, and Baptiste Giabiconi!  Unless some last minute votes come in, we're going to have three winners!  If we do end up in a tie, I'll have to decide if next week I want to do one massive Weekly Inspiration post with the winners, or if I want to run a quick poll between them to get one to come out on top.  Decisions, decisions.

But now, back to the Song of the Week.  As usual, I claim no ownership rights to this song, video, or anything attached to Green Day :-)  Enjoy!

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