Thursday, February 10, 2011

Song of the Week - "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert

For this week's song, I'm bringing Adam Lambert with "If I Had You," as well as a confession along with it.  What's my confession you ask?  I'll tell you.  Other than the very first episode of the very first season, I've never watched American Idol.  There, I said it!  For as much as I love music, I couldn't bring myself to watch it.  Why?  Because I couldn't take how some of the contestants were treated.  After that one episode, I'd see clips of it on the news and Simon Cowell tearing people down, and it'd do nothing but irritate me.  Was I being over-sensitive?  It's possible.  But I can't stand to see anyone ridiculed, so I stayed away from the show.

Then I heard Simon was leaving and found out who was replacing him, the lead singer from one of my all-time favorite bands, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.  So I thought I'd give Idol another chance, though admittedly, I went into it with trepidation, thinking to myself, "Please, Steven, don't be mean to these people and make me not like you anymore."  I'm happy to say, he's been great so far.  Sure, he's had a harsh moment here and there, but overall, not too bad, and he's actually been really sweet to a lot of the people.  I think Jennifer Lopez has been adorable and also a gentle judge.  Randy...he could stand to be nicer at times.  But I'm handling watching Idol much better than I ever thought I would.

So, that's my confession.  And with that off my chest, on to Adam Lambert.  Unfortunately I never saw him on American Idol, but I think it's wonderful that even though he didn't win on the show, his talent was still recognized.  He really is a fun performer.  For those who'd like to learn more about him, you can check out his website here:

And you guys know the routine.  I don't own this video, song, or imagery.  All of it belongs to the rightful copyright owner.  Enjoy!


  1. I love Steven Tyler on American Idol - he's so adorable and I love Adam Lambert, too, so this whole entry is made of WIN.
    Karen K

  2. Steven is OLD!! I still like his music but holy cow he looks like he is 214. Now Adam OMG I sometimes wish I was a gay man...he is so very HOT!!

  3. I'm glad you liked it, Karen! I love Steven Tyler too, and he's been fantastic on Idol. He's his usual hilarious, charismatic self :-) I remember during one of the early episodes, Randy was ripping into someone, and Steven spoke up and told him it wasn't right to tell people they're bad like that. I wanted to reach through the TV and hug him, lol! And Adam totally rocks and is an amazing performer.

    lol! I agree, Cinders, Adam is very sexy. But hey, I've got to say, I think Steven is too. He's just so cool! And for me, he'll always rock hardcore. Can't help it. Aerosmith was one of the first bands I really fell in love with, so I'll always adore him :-)