Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - Your Winners: Leonardo Corredor, Baptiste Giabiconi, and Gackt

Ladies and gentlemen, for this week's inspiration I'm happy to present your winners of the very first Inspiration Showdown! Venezuelan model, Leonardo Corredor.  French model, Baptiste Giabiconi.  Japanese rock star, Gackt. It was a total surprise to have ended up in a three-way tie.  I debated on running a quick poll between the three to have one winner, then I decided against it.  You guys voted for your favorites, three ended up winning, so it's only right to give you what you wanted.

For most of the poll, Leonardo was the leader, with second place tied between Baptiste, Gackt, and Hugh Jackman.  I remember looking at the poll during that point thinking to myself, "A model, a rock star, and an actor.  There's got to be an m/m/m story in there somewhere."  As the last day of voting came around, Baptiste moved up to join Leonardo in first place, then Gackt followed, with Hugh maintaining a very close second.  It was quite the horse race!   

Thank you, everyone, for humoring my curiosity and voting for your favorites!  I thought this was a lot of fun, and hopefully you did, too.  Maybe we'll do it again with this next round of guys.

And now, without further ado, I present YOUR WINNERS!

Leonardo Corredor: Having won the title of Best Model of Venezula in 2007, he's gone on to have a very successful modeling career that includes being the spokesmodel for Papi, a desinger brand of men's underwear.  He's a man of many talents as he's also a photographer, singer, has hosted a TV show called Ivasion Casera, and if what I heard is true, he wants to become an actor.  One thing I've noticed about Leonardo in the shots I've seen of him is there's such strong charisma about him, it shines through the photos, which could be one of the reasons why he was our leader here for so long.  To learn more about him, here's his official FACEBOOK, here's his TWITTER.

Baptiste Giabiconi: Currently ranked the Top Male Model in the World, he's been one of the main faces for Chanel and does work for many other top designers.  He's also a musician, having released his first single, "Showtime", which is available on iTunes.  Just recently, he bared all in some photos for the February 2011 issue of Interview Magazine.  The pic below where he's holding the camera is one of them, and yeah, they all have that annoying black censorship strip.  He's also featured in the 2011 Pirelli calendar, where he's got a golden.....well, if you Google search his name and Pirelli, you'll see.  To learn more about him, check out his official website at:, his FACEBOOK, and his TWITTER.

GACKT: A man who needs no introduction, but I'm going to give one anyhow just in case there's anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of running across him.  Rock star, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, model, you name it, Gackt's talent knows no bounds.  You can find videos galore of him on YouTube and a lot of his music is available on iTunes.  If you've never heard him sing, I strongly recommend giving him a listen because his voice is phenomenal.  He's one of my favorite artists.  To learn more about him, here's his official website:  The intro that's currently up on it is a promo for his new concert DVD from his Yellow Fried Chickenz tour, and it's worth going to the site just to see that.  He also has a blog and you can check that out here:



  1. Woohoo! That means Jared and Travis are ALL mine. heehee

  2. lol! Yep, they are, to do whatever you want with them ;-) And that includes writing stories using them as inspiration!!

  3. OK SJ I see now in our future a three way from you using all of the above as body types for the men...LOL! One has to be able to suck and get fucked at the same time never really thought about it but that would be a little dangerous if the guy was a teeth grinder while cumming...LOL I know I made you smile. my work is done! Cinders

  4. LOL! You do make me smile, Cinders :-) And you're right on all those things when it comes to a three-way! Gives me something to ponder on for future stories ;-)