Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day of Giveaways!

Hey, guys and girls! Today is a day of giveaways for my books!

I just found out this morning that over on the review site, Jessewave, MLR Press is offering FEELING THE RHYTHM for their giveaway title this week. If you head over there today and leave a comment on the giveaway post, you'll have a chance to win it! Here's the link for those who'd like to check it out:

And y'all might have noticed the button over to the right for Amber Kell's Birthday Bash celebration. Well, today is my day of being her guest at her blog! If you stop by there, you'll get to read about one of my favorite birthdays, and if you leave a comment on my guest post, then you get a chance to win the title of your choice from my backlist, in ebook. Here's the link to Amber's place:

For Amber's Birthday Bash, she's been giving portions of a fantastic story called Wandmaker, for authors to post on their blogs. I'll be posting an excerpt from that story here later today :-)

Hope everyone enjoys these fun pieces of news! Good luck to all in the giveaway!


  1. Have I missed the the announcement of the winners? I can't find a post on Amber Kell's blog...

    1. I think Amber was going to announce the winners from her giveaways this week, but I'm not entirely sure. She was going send mine to me soon, last I chatted with her :-)