Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Character Stats

Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to drop a quick note here letting you guys know that I've added a new page to my website, http://www.sjfrost.com/  It's called Character Stats, and when you bring your cursor to it, a drop down menu will pop up with the names of all the main characters and important secondary characters from my books.  On their individual pages, you'll find things like their full name, birthday, pets, hobbies/interests, etc...  Most of the information is taken directly from the stories, but some of it is new.

I did this because I thought it would be nice for readers to have a quick reference for my guys and it might be fun to see some facts on them.  With new books that are released, the pages will be updated as those characters' stories change.  And if there is anything little fact about them you'd like to know, but that isn't listed, feel welcomed to suggest it to me!  I hope you all like seeing some fun tidbits on my guys!


  1. Hi! Thank you so much! I'm very happy you're enjoying it :D