Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspiration Showdown #2

Those who visit here regularly may remember a few months ago when we had an Inspiration Showdown between all the Weekly Inspiration guys.  Since everyone had fun with the first one, I thought I'd try running another Inspiration Showdown for your entertainment.  The last one featured 13 guys running from our very first Weekly Inspiration man, Akihiro Sato, to one of our winners, Baptiste Giabiconi.  For this one, you'll have 12 men to cast your vote for, running from David Gandy to Bo Roberts.  I'll post all twelve's pics below.

For those who missed the first Inspiration Showdown (original Showdown can be viewed HERE, the winners can be viewed HERE), here's how it goes.  To the right side ------>, scroll down past my book covers and you will see a poll with all the Weekly Inspiration guys I've posted since the last Showdown.  They're listed in alphabetical order by their first names.  All you have to do is vote for your favorite.  The winning man, or men if there's a tie, will get a bonus post with new pics.  One thing that's different from the last Showdown, is you can now vote for more than one.  I know a lot of people had trouble picking their favorite, and why should you have to pick just one?  You can also see all the men's original Weekly Inspiration posts by searching their names here.

The last Showdown ended in a three-way tie between Venezuelan model, Leonardo Corredor, French model, Baptiste Giabiconi, and Japanese rock star, GACKT.  Let's see who you want to join with them in their lofty ranks!  Happy voting!

Alexandre Verga
Andrew Stetson

Benjamin Godfre
Bernardo Velasco

Bo Roberts
Daniel Henney

David Gandy
Garrett Neff

James Ellis
Janice Fronimakis

Jared Leto
Ruben Cortada

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