Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly Inspiration - Inspiration Showdown #2 Winner - Jared Leto

Ladies and gentlemen, you voted for him, and here he is, winner of the second Inspiration Showdown, Jared Leto!  Once again, the Showdown was a tight race, and I thought Brazilian model, Alexandre Verga, was going to come in at the last second and steal the win away from Jared, but Jared held on.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Jared Leto, but for those who haven't had the pleasure, he's an American actor and the frontman for the rock band, 30 Seconds To Mars.  He's stared in tons of movies and is always a pleasure to watch on screen.  But even more than his acting ability, he's a fantastic musician.  30 Seconds To Mars was featured here in the Song of the Week spot with their single, "Closer To The Edge", and I do recommend checking them out.  Jared himself is ever evolving, always sporting a new hairstyle and look.

To learn more about 30 Seconds To Mars, here's the band's official website, which includes links to their Twitter and Facebook:  For those who'd like to follow him, here's the link to Jared Leto's Twitter:!/jaredleto

And now without further ado, I present your winner, Jared Leto!


  1. The black and white are truely awesome of him. I am gonna have to see if their band has a video on youtube. Cinders

  2. OMG I missed this vote - well thank God the best man won. You have no idea how much slash I've written about him. *blushes* And I saw him and 30 Seconds to Mars 14 times last year (hello, my name is Karen and I'm a groupie) including a few meet and greets. Lovely, lovely, lovely. :)

  3. PS He's sort of my inspiration for my Hot July Days story that I'm writing. (my first ever to actually be shown to people - ack) :P

  4. The black and whites are my favs too, Cinders :-) I love the color ones to see his beautiful eyes, but there's something about the b&w close up that gets me *swoon* And hurry! Run, don't walk to YouTube to check out some 30 Seconds To Mars vids, lol!

    Hey, Karen! Yep, Jared beat them all. He was up against some stiff competition, but he came out on top ;-) That's incredible you saw them 14 times!! I would love to see them live, but I sadly haven't gotten the chance yet. And how very cool Jared's your inspiration for your Hot July Days story! That's super exciting it'll be your first one going public! You'll do great! I've got to put some more polish on mine, but it's finally done. I'll look for yours when they start posting to the group!