Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S.J. Update

Hey, everyone!  I thought it was about time I gave a little update on what I've been up to lately, especially since my regular visitors here have probably noticed I haven't been the most efficient in getting up Weekly Inspiration and Song of the Week posts.  Things have been pretty crazy for me the past few weeks, both on the writing front and on the personal life one, but I do have some good news on the writing side.

First, the big news.  This week I'm going to have a new release.  It's one of the reasons I haven't been getting the regular posts up, my editor and I have been working very hard to get it ready to come out no later than this Thursday, May 5th at MLR Press and maybe sooner.  And what is this new release?  Why, it'll be my next m/m rock star novel, BLACK HEART DOWN.  Woo hoo!  I'm really excited to bring the BHD guys to the stage, along with some friends of theirs from another certain band ;-)  For those who'd like to see, I've also put up an excerpt from BHD on my website: http://www.sjfrost.com/

I'm sure everyone who knows how slow of a writer I am are surprised by me having two novel releases out so close with NATURAL INSTINCTS and now BLACK HEART DOWN.  Between my and my editor's schedules, it just sort of worked out that way.  I'm by no means any faster of a writer!  So, my next release after BHD probably won't be until late summer/early fall.

And what will that release be?  At this moment, I'm thinking it'll be more vampires in the sequel to NATURAL INSTINCTS.  I'm currently working on the first draft of that one.  Now that BHD is getting ready to release, I'll be giving the vampires my full attention and don't plan on starting any new projects until they're handed into my editor.  After they're finished, I'm not entirely sure what I'll work on next, but maybe my classical violinist and rock drummer, who will be from an all new band of Scottish kilt wearing rockers.

So that's what I've been up to.  Hope it all sounds good to everyone!  Things should be getting a little more back to normal here this week with the regular posts.  Thank you all so much for your support!


  1. Life has a way of stealing your time from you. One minute it is 9 am and then you turn around and it is 3 pm. I have many of day like that. LOL Cinders

  2. Isn't that the truth! I'm always saying how I'm doing stuff nonstop, but getting nothing done, lol!