Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toledo Pride 2012

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share with you all about the fun I had down at Toledo Pride yesterday! Fellow author, Deanna Wadsworth, put forth a huge undertaking in setting up a table for authors of GLBT work, and kindly invited me to take part. I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to spend the day with her, Sloan Parker, Jax Steele, and Hank Edwards and his very sweet partner. I had a great time talking to all the people who stopped by the table to learn about our books and GLBT books in general. Though, admittedly, my introverted self is so not good at pimping my books in person! But that's okay, because for me, the main reason for going was to be one more person turning out in support of acceptance and equality.

It was cloudy and chilly here, with rain threatening, but it the weather didn't damper the fun. The entire atmosphere for the event was fantastic, welcoming, and friendly. It was wonderful to see so many people turn out, and to be in a little part of the city where acceptance reigned supreme. If only it could be that way everywhere, and not just in Toledo, but the world, and not just on a specific day, but everyday.

I took a few pics of the parade, but I didn't get one of the table! I was so distracted and busy, I didn't get a chance, so my apologies for that. My thanks goes out to Deanna for her hard work, and my appreciation to all the folks who stopped by the table yesterday. As I said on my Facebook and Twitter, it was a wonderful day, with wonderful people :-)

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