Thursday, August 16, 2012

Release Date & Excerpt: LOVING INSTINCTS

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I promised that when I had the release date for the next vampire novel, third in the Instincts series, LOVING INSTINCTS, that I'd be sure to post it. Well, I'm nothing if not a woman of my word. As of what I was told this morning, MLR Press is looking to release it August 24th. Woo hoo! Providing no unforeseen issues come up, that's the current goal.

So in honor of its upcoming release, I thought I'd share a little sneak peek excerpt to re-familiarize everyone with Andreas and Titus, as they're making a return as the leads in this book. Now, I will say that this book is a spoiler if you haven't read the first in the series, NATURAL INSTINCTS, and it would give away some things from ENDURING INSTINCTS, as well. Though, I think if you haven't read ENDURING INSTINCTS, there's enough recapping where you wouldn't be lost in LOVING INSTINCTS.

This is the opening scene of the book, and I hope all who decide to buy it when it releases will enjoy it!

From the moment Andreas Nikandros looked into the silver eyes of Titus Antonius Calidus, his life was destined to change. They’ve faced challenges and dangers together, but all those did was make his love for Titus grow and strengthen his resolve to spend eternity at the side of his vampire lover.
Titus has seen centuries come and go, losing more hope with each one of ever finding love again, until Andreas entered his life. He’s found his eternal partner in Andreas, and is ready to make him so in every sense.
As they follow their loving instincts, Andreas knows he’s going to have to make sacrifices, but he also knows what he’ll gain will be so much greater; Titus – forever. What he doesn’t foresee is Titus’s enemies becoming his own and how difficult simply surviving is when he becomes the hunted.

The heat of Titus’s body warmed Andreas’s bare skin. Andreas leaned against him, whispering, “Do it again, Ty.”

Low chuckles rumbled in Titus’s throat. “Haven’t I done it enough?”

Andreas shook his head. “I love watching you do it.”

Titus exhaled a sigh, feigning exasperation. He lifted his hands for Andreas to see them. “I don’t know why I find it impossible to say no to you.”

Andreas watched as Titus’s fingernails lengthened, the tips of them narrowing to sharp points. Being a zoologist, he’d studied and witnessed countless incredible adaptations in several species, but this was one of the most amazing. But then, he found everything about vampires to be amazing, and the one lying at his side was the most incredible of them all.

Andreas snuggled into him. “My guess is because you love me.”

Titus rolled his head on his pillow, looking into Andreas’s eyes. “I’ll agree with that.”

Andreas touched their lips together. Titus’s lips—so soft, so warm—beneath his own. Even with the kiss being chaste, he could feel the passion and love Titus had for him.

Andreas slowly drew back, opening his eyes to meet Titus’s gaze. He rested his hand on Titus’s cheek. Six months had passed since he first looked into Titus’s silver eyes. In that time he learned just how much he could love someone, and it was with every part of his mind, body, heart, and soul.

When they first met, he was focused only on revenge for his sister’s death, wanting to become a vampire for no other reason other than to kill and destroy. Those feelings faded the more time he spent in Titus’s arms. He gave Titus full credit for guiding him back to the man he’d always been, and even more, for showing him the man he wanted to be.

Andreas moved his gaze over Titus. The white gold of Titus’s platinum blond hair contrasted against the black silk pillow case. Titus’s chiseled features held a masculine beauty. Andreas looked lower, his gaze traveling over Titus’s smooth chest, the pectorals thick with muscle, to the abdomen with deep grooves of definition. 

The black silk sheet was pushed down to where the top edge of Titus’s trimmed pubic hair showed, but Andreas could see the outline through the sheet of the most perfect cock he’d ever dreamed of—long, thick, uncut. And if he were to roll Titus over, he could gaze upon an ass just as perfect, the muscled cheeks beautifully rounded. 

Andreas brought his gaze back to Titus’s eyes. He felt he could never get enough of drinking in their silver hue. More than once he’d called Titus an evolutionary masterpiece. Nothing could be more true in his mind.

In the grand timeline of things, the time they’d spent together wasn’t much, and yet when he looked into Titus’s eyes, he saw his eternity. It was now for love, not revenge, that he wanted an immortal life. He’d never been one to fear death, until he fell in love with Titus. Now the thought of it terrified him because he didn’t want to leave Titus for whatever existence was beyond life. That’s why he was going to become a vampire. Very soon. He just needed to tell Titus when.

“You’re staring at me again,” Titus said.

“Because you’re so beautiful. And I’d think you’d be used to it by now.”

“I am and I like it. I’d be more concerned if you stopped doing it.”

Andreas placed another tender kiss on Titus’s lips. He shifted down, resting his head on Titus’s chest. “I’ve been thinking.”

Titus drifted his fingers up and down Andreas’s back. “I wasn’t aware you ever stop.”

Andreas gave him a light slap on the chest for his sarcasm, causing Titus to laugh softly.  “Let me rephrase that. I’ve been thinking about one thing in particular lately.”

“And that would be?”

“When I want you to Turn me.”

Copyright 2012 by S.J. Frost and MLR Press


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  2. lol! Thank you! I hope it'll turn out to be worth the wait :D

  3. Yeah!! I'm so looking forward to this :)

  4. Thank you very much! Here's hoping you'll enjoy it :D It just released at MLR Press, a day early!