Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Inspiration - Men in Kilts

I've been ill the past few days with a sinus infection, topped off with a pretty high fever.  I have drugs now, so I'm happy, but I will say my mind goes to curious places when I have a fever.  This time, I got an idea for a story and it involves kilts.  Let's face it, kilts are sexy, and there's something that's just so erotic about them.  Am I right?  Or is it my fevered delirium making me think this?  Nope.  Even when not sick, I still think kilts are hot.  And so, to help my sluggish mind get rolling again from this illness, I'm looking to the kilt for inspiration.  Hope you enjoy them, too!

*Update* For more Men in Kilts, I did a second edition of Weekly Inspiration which can be found HERE.

Vin Diesel rockin' a black leather kilt. 

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