Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Curse of the Tech Gods

So yesterday was my first day on Blogger, and I didn't kill it!  Yay!  But, I must've been feeling too cocky about my blogger skills, because the tech gods deemed it necessary to give me a lesson in humility.  How?  By crashing the template on my website.  And I mean, big time crashed.  I'm not sure how or why it happened.  I tried to do an update, and it was like I opened a vortex to Hell.  All my free reads, all my sub-menus, all my links, got sucked in and vanished.

After live chatting with a techie, I had to reinstall the template.  Not such a catastrophe, other than the hours of resetting everything.  The sub-menus still look a little funky, and for some reason there's a big gap between the title of a page and the content, but at least it's functional. 

Since I've upset the tech gods somehow, I'm now looking around my house for a sacrifice to set the balance right.  Should I sacrifice the toaster?  But then I wouldn't be able to have my morning bagel.  The DVD player?  Eek!  Then I won't be able to watch the gay romance movie I just got from Netflix!  The stereo is totally out of the question, and while I'd be happy sacrificing the stove, I do need it to cook food for my child.  Hmm, hubby has lots of electrical and technical thingys in the garage that I never use...

Well, until I get things back in balance, I offer an apology to those who visit my website for it being a little rough around the edges.  Here's hoping I get the curse lifted soon!

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