Sunday, February 3, 2013

Changes to Reader Appreciation Day at The Sweet Spot

As many who stop by here know, Sloan Parker, Jambrea Jo Jones, and I run a Yahoo group called The Sweet Spot. It's a fun little group, open to all who'd like to join. Authors and readers are welcomed there to talk about books and any other kind of news they've got going on. Once a month, we hold a special event called Reader Appreciation Day. This little event has really grown over the months, with many talented and generous authors donating to the monthly giveaway as a way to say "thank you" to all the readers out there for the support you give us and the gay romance genre.

After some chatting, Sloan, Jambrea, and I decided to make a few tweaks to Reader Appreciation Day. Since it started, we had it that only those authors who donated a book were able to post excerpts and promote their work, and RAD (Reader Appreciation Day) was always held on the first Saturday of every month. On the third Saturday of the month, we'd hold an Open Excerpt Day where everyone was able to post excerpts of their work. But now, we're combining the two!

From now on, Reader Appreciation Day will be held on the THIRD SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH at The Sweet Spot and will be open to ALL authors of M/M Romance who'd like to share excerpts of their work. So that means the next one will be February 16th! We'll still hold our big giveaway and will be looking for authors who want to donate a book, some swag, gift cards, whatever you like, and we'll be putting out that official call and announcement for February's RAD soon. I just wanted to give everyone a head's up a little early that Reader Appreciation Day is now the third Saturday of every month, and is a giveaway AND open excerpt day! Yay!

Hope to see everyone at The Sweet Spot!

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