Friday, October 5, 2012

Prize List for Reader Appreciation Day, Oct 6th

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! This Saturday, October 6th, is Reader Appreciate Day at The Sweet Spot. Many incredibly talented authors have donated prizes as their way of saying "thank you" to all you wonderful readers out there! Here's what you'll have a chance to win if you stop by the group this Saturday! And to learn more about the author or book, just click their name.

K-lee Klein - ebook copy of DOMESTIC RELATIONS

K-lee Klein - ebook copy of winner's choice from backlist

Tam Ames - ebook copy of SUMMER SCHOOL

Kerry Freeman - ebook copy of PINE TAR & SWEET TEA

Tara Lain - ebook copy of HALLOWEEN HEAT IV (three short erotic tales by Tara Lain, A.C. Fox, and Elin Gregory)

Lex Valentine - ebook copy of SCRAMBLING

Erica Pike - ebook copy of THE WALLS HAVE EARS

Vicktor Alexander - ebook copy of THE FAERY TRUTH

L.M. Brown - ebook copy of LET DOWN YOUR HAIR

Missy Welsh - ebook copy of YOUR BIGGEST FAN

Jambrea Jo Jones - ebook copy of ANNIHILATION

Sloan Parker - $15 in eBook Bucks from AllRomance Ebooks

S.J. Frost (me!) - ebook copy of winner's choice from my backlist

And there they are! Sloan, Jambrea, and I give our deepest thanks to all these fantastic authors for donating their work, and helping us to show appreciation to those of you who give so much to us all the time. We couldn't do this with all of you!

If you'd like a chance to win one of these prizes, just head over to The Sweet Spot, Saturday, October 6th, and leave a comment on one of the giveaway threads. The first thread will be posted at 8:00am EST, and then periodically throughout the day, with the giveaway ending at 8:00pm EST. Authors, if you've donated a prize, please feel welcomed to stop by! Say hi to the readers, post some blurbs and excerpts, let us know what you got going on!

Hope to see everyone there!

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