Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Howloween Blog Winners!

Yeah, I know some of you are looking at the title of this post, shaking your heads and thinking, "There she goes again. Making another typo in her writing. It's supposed to be winner, not winners. She was only going to pick one person." Surprise! That's not a typo! I played a Halloween trick on everyone! I picked THREE winners! Tricky, aren't I? Okay, I know it was the same I pulled last year, but hey, it was fun then, too!

As usual for selecting my winners, I used Random.org, because it's easier for me to just go with what the unemotional computer program says than trying to do it myself. And the three winners are:

Nancy - Please send me an email at s.j.frost3@gmail.com with an addy where I can send your prize.

Congratulations, you three!

And many thanks to everyone who stopped by for this giveaway and all your sweet words. There were a lot of entries between posts here and emails! I greatly appreciate all the interest and support you guys give me for my work. I usually do a couple giveaways around the holidays, so please do keep an eye out for those to have a chance to win again!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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