Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Reviews and a Writing Update

Hey, everyone!  I know I've been very absent lately...yes, and I know this has been a trend. Funny thing is, just this week, I reduced my hours the EDJ (Evil Day Job, yeah, I work outside the home in addition to writing), and even though I didn't drop my hours down by much, one would think this should mean I'd have more time for being online and writing.  But that hasn't been the case.  I've used the extra time to be with my child, my horses and other pets, and trying to keep up with the things that need done around my house.

But you guys don't want to be bored with the mundane details of my life.  I was just trying to make excuses for not being around ;-)  So on to the good stuff!  We'll start off with the reviews.  I'm very happy to say that ENDURING INSTINCTS and BLACK HEART DOWN have both gotten great reviews lately.  Yay!  There are a few from different review sites, so I'll post the links for anyone who'd like to check them out. - 4.5 out of 5 for ENDURING INSTINCTS.  Thank you, Lasha! - 5 out of 5 for ENDURING INSTINCTS.  Thank you, Chocolate Minx! 4 out of 5 for ENDURING INSTINCTS.  Thank you, Raine! 5 out of 5 for BLACK HEART DOWN.  Thank you, DH! (By the way, guys, DH Starr is an amazing author himself!)

Hooray!  Just posting those made me happy all over again!  And now, on to writing news!

So, I'll start first with what my next release is going to be, and that is a short story titled BEAUTIFUL HARMONY.  My publisher, MLR Press, is going to be holding a holiday event where starting in November, they're going to release a short story each day all through the holidays and going into the New Year. When I heard about it, I was pondering on writing something for it, and then two of my guys from one of my previous novels rushed forward with wanting to continue their story.  And who were these two, you ask?  Why, none other than Kyler Christenson and Robbie Russo from BLACK HEART DOWN. And so, they will be starring in BEAUTIFUL HARMONY, a 10k word short story that will release December 25th.

For my next novel release and when that will be, well, to be honest, I'm not sure.  I've been thinking it would be the next musician themed story, HEARTSTRINGS, featuring my classical violinist and kilt wearing rockers.  But then I was thinking possibly the third vampire story, of which I'm in the process of writing now.  So I'm a little torn between the two, though I'm still slightly leaning toward HEARTSTRINGS, followed by Instincts Series #3. Those two will be 2012 releases.  For what will come after them...again I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it may be Conquest's Brad Delfini's story.

And that's currently what's been going on in my world.  I do apologize for not having definites on future novels, but I wanted to try to give as much of an update as I could to what I've been working on, and let you guys know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth :-)

Thank you, so very much, everyone, for your patience with me not being around as much and for all your support.  I couldn't be an author without all of you!


  1. Sounds all good to me! We will always be here and there for ya. You know just to give ya a little push you could do another horse theme story.LOL I love your Vamp and Rockers but hey I would not mind a horse story. LOL XXOO Cinders

  2. Aww, thanks so much, Cinders! It means the world having such wonderful support. And I don't mind being pushed, lol! I actually do have an idea for another horse themed story. Not sure when I'll get a chance to actually put it down, but the idea is there ;-) Big hugs to you, darlin'! *hugs*