Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cover Art and Blurb: REFINED INSTINCTS

Hey there, everyone! I'm incredibly happy to share with everyone the cover art and blurb for my next release, REFINED INSTINCTS, Book 5 in the Instincts series!

This is another cover made by the multi-talented Lex Valentine of Winterheart Design. I'm sure some of you have heard me gush on Lex before, but for those who haven't, she's an amazing author along with having a great artistic eye for making book covers and she's made several of my covers. I really love what she did with this cover. The model to the left has that dark, brooding ruggedness that I picture for Troy. The model to the right has those sharp, aristocratic features and refinement that I think of with Renart. And I think the whole cover has a dark, but elegant look to it, complete with the Chicago skyline. My thanks to Lex for all her hard work on this cover!

Edits are about to begin on this book and we're looking at a November release date...tentatively November 1st. But don't hold me to that! There are a few new factors in my personal life that could make it so I'm not moving through edits and writing as fast as I used to. Don't worry, nothing bad :-) Mostly, I've gone through an employment change for a day job and with my new job, I won't have computer time, so that means no sneaking in author work during the day.

But enough about my personal stuff! That's not what you guys are here for! And so without further ado, I give to you all, Lord Renart Bellerose and Troy Raines in REFINED INSTINCTS!

Coming soon to MLR Press...

Troy Raines wants it all to end. His pain, his heartache, his regrets. Having been in hiding to avoid capture from the Tribunal, he returns to Chicago believing since that's where everything began for him, that's where it should end, as well.

Renart Bellerose has known many regrets in his long life as a vampire, but few are stronger than what he has regarding Troy Raines. As the one to make Troy a vampire, he gave him power, money, anything he thought Troy wanted, but he restrained on giving him what they both needed.

When Renart and Troy face each other again, anger and passion explodes between them. Renart wants to help Troy find redemption, but as danger closes in, it might be too late to set right the wrongs of the past.


  1. Looking forward to this book.
    Urelated question. Is there any chance there will be a
    sequel to "a little bit country" with the interesting head of
    dixie creek studios

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you're looking forward to it and I hope you'll like it when it releases :-)

      As of right now, I'm not planning on a sequel to A Little Bit Country. I set out with it thinking of it as a single novel. But I do like Charles, the Dixie Creek executive. I've had a few folks ask about him. If I do get a story idea for him, I'll write it, but nothing is planned at the moment. Thank you for asking about it and giving A Little Bit Country a read!