Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pleasure that I announce the release of my newest novel, and also my 10th novel, ADAPTING INSTINCTS! Woo hoo! ADAPTING INSTINCTS is Book 4 of my vampire novels in the Instincts series, and I'm so happy and excited to see it go live! And a day early, at that! It's currently available on the MLR Press website, and will be branching out very soon to, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance eBooks, and many more booksellers. It'll be available in print, as well. I'm also very excited to be sharing a release day with the lovely and talented, Kendall McKenna, and I wish much luck and success to her vampire story, NIGHTS IN CANAAN!

To view ADAPTING INSTINCTS at MLR Press, please click HERE. It's available in all ebook formats, prc/mobi for Kindle, epub for Nook, and pdf.

To everyone who's stuck with the Instincts series this far, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you. I hope very much that you'll enjoy this new addition to the stories. And to everyone thinking about giving the series a try for the first time, if you do decide to pick it up, I hope you'll enjoy the books!

And now, I'll give a big welcome back to my vampires!


A single soft kiss, just a gentle brush of lips…but was it meant as a beginning, or a good-bye?

Every day, Carl Anderson wondered if the man…the vampire…who gave him that kiss would appear in his life again. In that time, he’s worked to come to terms with the existence of vampires, and the dangers they and their enemies pose. Always looking over his shoulder for a vampire or hunter stalking behind him, Carl wishes he could feel safe again, like he did when Egill was at his side.

As a Viking warrior and member of vampire society’s ruling body, the Tribunal, Egill Dalgaard is used to being in control of all things. But months ago, he did something that started to unravel his orderly life. He gave a kiss to a man who he was drawn to, and now, he hasn't been able to stop thinking about. He has his reasons for keeping his distance, but when he sees Carl again, all logical thoughts begin to fade.

When Carl’s actions inadvertently put Egill’s immortal life in danger, Carl must decide which path to take; whether to walk deeper into vampire society, or turn his back on the only man who’s ever made him feel secure.

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