Saturday, December 15, 2012

M/M Romance Group Best of 2012 Awards

Hey, ladies and gentlemen! I've got some fun news to share! Over on Goodreads, there's a large and very cool group called the M/M Romance Group with over 8,600 lovely readers and authors as their members. I'm sure many of you are familiar with them, probably even members, but for those who aren't, they're a community focused on reading and celebrating Male/Male Romance. I've talked about them a few times here, most recently when I wrote my historical novella, Of Honor and Love, for their Love is Always Write event. But now, the group is holding their Best Of 2012 Awards, and I was very surprised and flattered to find my books in several categories!

The voting for the awards began on the 10th, I believe, and I'm not entirely sure when it ends. I'm very sorry for only just finding out about that and posting this now! With being on my little writing break, I've fallen a bit out of touch with important news like this. I happened to be on Facebook this morning and saw a link posted to the survey for voting. As I was scrolling through the nominations, I saw my name, my books, and my characters in a few categories. I was absolutely thrilled and very touched that some kind people had thought of me and my work when the nominations were being accepted. I had heard during the nominations that Titus was nominated for Best Vampire, but I hadn't known of the other nominations until I was looking through the lists. Here are the categories I found my work nominated in:

Category 2 - Favorite All Time M/M Romance Book – Conquest

Catergory 3 - Favorite All Time M/M Series  - Conquest series

Category 4 - Favorite All Time M/M author – S.J. Frost

Category 5 - Favorite All Time M/M Characters – Jesse and Evan, Conquest series

Category 7 – Best Cover – Loving Instincts

Category 14 – Hottest Vampire – Titus

Category 19 – Best Story That Should/Must Have a Sequel – Loving Instincts

Category 37 – Best Musicians/Rock Stars – Heartstrings AND Feeling the Rhythm

Category 39 – Best Paranormal – Loving Instincts

I'm pretty sure these are all of them, but I'll admit, I was getting a little dizzy and star-stuck looking at all the amazing titles and authors in these awards! It's really incredible to be included with so many talented authors and great works, and I'm very grateful to those who nominated me. Thank you! And my thanks goes out to the M/M Romance Group, as well, for all their hard work and dedication to our genre, readers, and authors.

If you'd like to see all the amazing books and authors that are nominated, and possibly throw in your vote - for ANY book, character, or author - here's a link to the voting survey:

My thanks again and again for these wonderful nominations! I'm so very honored and flattered by them :-)


  1. Congrats on the nominations. Did my part and voted. Good luck!


  2. Well done on so many categories. I've voted! Fingers crossed for the results. Hope you are enjoying the writing break :)
    Cheers, Kath.

    1. Thanks so much! I have been enjoying my writing break :D Been getting lots of reading done. So often, my time is divided with thinking, "I want to read, but I really need to get some writing done...", with writing always winning out. But, I have started to slowly work on a new story. Something entirely different than what I've published so far; a fantasy-themed gay romance. Hopefully folks will like it!