Thursday, January 27, 2011

Song of the Week - "Ice Cream Truck" by Cazwell

Finally, the week is coming to an end.  For me, it's been a long one, and so I thought I'd put up something fun for the Song of the Week, "Ice Cream Truck" by Cazwell, an American rapper and songwriter.  I saw this video a couple months ago and I've been meaning to feature it here because the song has such a fun, sexy, cute vibe, but for some reason I haven't gotten around to sharing it yet.  Too much music, not enough time!  But, now is Cazwell's time. 

With this video for "Ice Cream Truck", I should say if you don't want to see guys dancing in their underwear, shaking and showing their booties, being silly and doing sexually suggestive things, you might want to pass on this one.  Okay, I can see some of the confused looks saying, "Why wouldn't we want to see that?!", but hey, I never know who's going to stop by here, so I have to warn the unsuspecting ;-)  For those who'd like to learn more about Cazwell, here's the link to his official site:

And now, your Song of the Week, Cazwell with "Ice Cream Truck."  And also my don't sue me message, I don't own this video, song, images, or anything therein.  Enjoy!


  1. LOVE IT! I just shared it on Facebook. lol

  2. I love it, too! The song and video are so fun, you can't listen to it and not smile :-) Thanks for sharing it! Everyone should see those booties shakin', lol!