Friday, January 14, 2011

Song of the Week - "Tonight" by Enrique Iglesias featuring Ludacris

Ah, Enrique Iglesias, the Song of the Week spot is all his this week.  If only the video of him water skiing naked, as he promised to do if Spain won the World Cup, wasn't so dark, blurry, and bouncing all over the place, I'd put that up instead of one of his songs.  But hey, I'm still giving him a round of applause for being a man of his word and following through on that bet.  Hmm, you know, I might have to do a Weekly Inspiration with him.  I'll store that thought for later.

With this song, I thought I'd put up the clean version, and my personal preference, the explicit version.  The song and video for both is the same, only one particular word in the chorus is different, so you can take your pick of which you like better.  And the video itself has some naughty going on, so I'll give a warning to any who might not want to see it.  It was kind of tricky finding the actual video with the explicit version, and on every single one I watched, it freezes up at around 3:15 into the song, but I think everyone can get the idea of the song regardless ;-)  For those who'd like to learn more about Enrique, here's his official website:, and this song is available for download on iTunes.

And of course, I have no ownership to this song, video, imagery, or anything connected to Enrique Iglesias.  Now, enjoy!

Clean Version

Explicit Version


  1. You so can pick some hot males to share. I love love Enrique I believe I have all his cds..LOL Cinders

  2. I do my best, hee hee! Everyone has different tastes in what they think is hot, but Enrique is a pretty safe bet for a lot of people, I think. He's wicked sexy. I need to get caught up downloading his music, including this song. The explicit version, of course ;-)