Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Inspiration - Jared Koronkiewicz

Alrighty, for this week's inspiration, I'm giving model, Jared Koronkiewicz.  Long hair or short, take your pick for him to be your inspiration in any way you want.  He's been on the modeling scene for a while, and has worked with some of the top designers.  And no, sorry, I couldn't find a website for him, a Facebook, or Twitter.  If he has any of those, they're too difficult for my meager tech skills to find.  But, do a search for him and you'll get articles about him and plenty more pics.  Enjoy!


  1. Long hair of course and HHHOOOOLLLLYYYY cow he is something else wowser get a load of that water pic whew doggies. Hey he looks like a viking of yore in the second pic. Do you feel any blot bunnies working with you around him say turning into a puma were? Just to keep you hopping of course. Cinders

  2. lol! Cinders, judging from your reaction, I'm guessing of all the inspiration I've put up, he's your favorite! The plot bunnies are definitely going to keep an eye on him for something in the future ;-)

    A puma were? Hmmm...I've never written shifters before, but it could be fun to try someday :D