Monday, November 29, 2010

Pornography: A Thriller - More Info

Since I wrote my post about the movie I watched a few days ago, Pornography: A Thriller, I've had a few people interested in learning more about where they can rent or buy it.  Not everyone has access to Netflix, and I wasn't sure where to direct folks.  Fortunetly, the writer and director of the movie, David Kittredge, was kind enough to gather that info for me.  Here's a big thank you to him for taking the time to help me out with that!  And now, I'm going to pass the info on to you all.

Places to purchase the movie:
Here's the movie's official website: and if you click under "See The Film" there are many links for places to purchase it, including Wolfe Video, TLA Video, and Amazon.

Places to rent the movie:
You all know I got it through Netflix, but it's also available on iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand.  And can I say I can't believe I never knew you could rent movies through Amazon until now?  Really, I think I need to get bigger windows put on the rock I live under. 

The DVD version includes many extras, and Mr. Kittredge said if watched in 5.1, it's makes for a really creepy experience.  It's quite possible I would've run out of the room if it had gotten any more creepy, but then like I said in my first post, I'm easily freaked out, and I know the braver souls out there will probably appreciate that little piece of info regarding the sound. 

Hope everyone finds this info helpful :-D


  1. Matthew Montgomery is my fave gay-independent actor - so talented and hot. I just love him.

  2. I agree, he's an awesome actor and very easy to look at ;-) He was great in this movie, and the acting overall from all the cast was really good. Even if the movie did creep me out, lol! But that was the point, so it was a job well done.