Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pornography: A Thriller

When will I learn?  Seriously, at my age and knowing myself as well as I do, you'd think I wouldn't watch movies alone that have a chance of creeping me out.  And yet, I still do.  So I got this movie from Netflix called Pornography: A Thriller, written and directed by David Kittredge, and watched it last night.  It's about a gay porn star who years after having gone missing, a writer tries to find out what happened to him, followed by another porn star/script writer doing the same.

The movie has a paranormal vibe going on, which I'm good with since I like ghost stories and such.  And sure, I get jumpy watching horror movies, but most of the time, it's the good, fun kind of scared where you laugh about it.  But, in movies and books where it's a human(s) doing things to other people, that's when I get really creeped out.  Maybe because it makes it seem all the more possible it could happen in real life, and therefore, all the more disturbing. 

This movie was a blend of those two worlds, paranormal and psychological thriller, and both combine to create a very dark story.  I mean, really seriously dark and disturbing.  At least I thought it was, but I can be a bit on the sensitive side.  It's the writer in me ;-)  The movie is broken up into three parts, and the first two thirds of the movie were super intense.  When the story shifts in the last third, I thought it didn't feel as strong, but it was still on the edge-of-your-seat watching.  I also wanted to see more resolution on a few things at the end, but that didn't really take away from the story.

If you're looking to watch something that's a little different than the rest, has good acting, a healthy dose of sex, and that might give you the creepies, if not all out disturb you, this could be the movie for you.  In case anyone would like to see some more on it, including screenshots, CLICK HERE for its page on IMDB.

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