Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Release: Kissing Cody Starr

I'm very happy to announce that Kissing Cody Starr is now live at MLR Press! It won't be long before it's up at Amazon, AllRomance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Having this book re-released through MLR Press is a massive relief for me. I love the story and the guys in it, and now it's back and looking better than ever! It has a new cover, a new home at MLR, and it received some awesome editing on it. While the story is unchanged, personally I think the editing has helped make it a more enjoyable read, and I'm grateful to my amazing editor, Kris Jacen, for all the time and hard work she put into it, as she always does with all of my stories.

And now I'm very happy to welcome Christian and Finn back to the world! Thank you to everyone for all your support <3

Cody Starr is one of the most popular actors in gay adult films. Young, beautiful, charismatic, when he’s on screen, he shines. But Cody Starr is a stage name, a persona, and the real man, Christian Larson, isn’t as enthusiastic about his adult career anymore. The problem is, Christian fears if he stops being Cody, he could end up homeless…again. He came to Hollywood with big dreams and lost them all, even the one of finding someone to love him.

Finn Madigan is an Army veteran who has a warrior’s soul and a hero’s heart. He makes his living protecting people. When he meets Christian, he sees a young man who needs someone who can be there for him. He’s hesitant to begin an intimate relationship with Christian, but at the same time, he’s helpless to resist him.

Passion, desire, and emotion are strong between Finn and Christian, but they will they be enough to overcome the challenges of Christian’s career?

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