Friday, March 27, 2015

New Release: Acting on Love

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm thrilled to announce my new novella, Acting on Love, is now live at MLR Press! I'm so happy to bring this sweet romance - with plenty of erotic intimacy - to everyone. This is a Conquest novella, so you just might see some familiar faces in it, too ;-)

Soon, it'll be rolling out to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AllRomance eBooks, and more! I hope everyone who decides to spend a little time with Brandon and Shun will enjoy this next adventure they share in their lives together!

Brandon Alexander has risen to the top of theatre in Chicago, but when you reach the top, there’s usually only one way left to go. Funding fell through on the latest play he was to star in and now he finds himself an unemployed actor. Coming fresh off a bad audition, he wonders if his time in the spotlight is over. But what worries him more, is not making the man he loves proud of him.

Shunichi Miyamoto runs a highly successful dojo. He had always let work be the focus of his life, until over a year ago, the man of his dreams walked into the dojo to rekindle his passion for karate, and it led to further passions between him and Brandon. He knows Brandon is worried about his career, but he loves him, he’s proud of him, and he’ll do anything for Brandon’s happiness.

Both Brandon and Shunichi want to spend their lives together, but when a new opportunity comes to Brandon, he must decide whether to follow his career dreams or to act on his love for Shunichi.


  1. I loved this! It was so nice to see Brandon and Shunichi get there HEA. Plus I always love a glimpse of Even and Jesse. Do you have any plans to do a novella or book with Evan and Jesse as Evan does his last album? I also really want the retiring Phantom, Thomas to get a story short nce he was so sarcastic and disillusioned about love. As always, I love your books. I'll probably be retreading everything you've published over the next several weeks. That seems to happen every time you release another awesome book!

    1. Sorry for the typos- I'm still gettin gong used to the new iPhone programming. That was ..Thomas to get a story since* and rereading*

    2. Thank you very, very much! It's fantastic to hear you loved the story :D I really loved giving Brandon and Shunichi their HEA, and letting Brandon have a dream of his own come true too. I felt like he deserved it :-) And I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Jesse and Evan!

      It's a possibility of Jesse and Evan coming back in the lead roles someday, but I haven't fully decided yet. Still pondering on that. And I actually ended up really liking Thomas, too. If he ever gets chatty for a story, I'll write it :-)

      Thank you so much for the sweet words and compliments! And hey, don't worry about typos. Believe me, I know how sneaky they are. What's worse is when you find out they've snuck into a published book!