Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm a Flirty Author Bitch

No, really, I am.  Well, in the sense that I'm part of the Flirty Author Bitches blog team.  Though, I have been called all three of those words in my life, just never all of them together until I was invited to take part in FAB ;-)  I've been part of the team for some while now, but it hit me I may not have mentioned that here, so now I am!  FAB is a blog made up of many authors including Lex Valentine, Charlie Cochrane, KC Burn, I mean the list is huge.  And then there's me, and I'm incredibly proud and humbled to share a blog with so many amazingly talented authors.

How FAB works is that everyday of the week, a different author writes a post.  It may be on writing, rants, life in general, any variety of topics.  My blog day is the first Thursday of every month, so I posted just this week.  And what did I write about?  "Insta-love" in M/M romance and my opinion on it.  You can see the post HERE, if you're curious to what I had to say.  You can also find a few other posts by me there, though not long ago, the site had to go through an overhaul and many of the older posts were lost.

So now that you all know about me being a Flirty Author Bitch, feel welcomed to stop by the FAB blog, and not just for me, but for all the very talented authors who post there every day!

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