Friday, January 8, 2016

Cover Art and Blurb: Song of Souls, Terra Book 3

Happy 2016, everyone! It seems the new year is already starting off great for me in my little writing world. I have new cover art to share! After working on this book for over a year, it's hard to believe that it's finally coming down the homestretch and getting ready for release next month. I'm immensely proud of this story, and I can't tell you all how much I loved writing it, being in the world of Terra again, and hanging out with my little band of heroes.

The story has clocked in at roughly 101,700 words, so it's pretty hefty. As of right now, the tentative release date is February 12th from MLR Press.

The image for the cover was created by Scarlet Tie Designs. He has a look and feel that's so much like Zain, I think! The final touches with the font and the back cover for the paperback edition were done by my editor extraordinaire, Kris Jacen. Yes, her talents are endless! I'm grateful for this beautiful cover, all the hard work that's gone into it, and I'm basically in love with it!

And so, here you are, the cover for Song of Souls, and the blurb to reintroduce everyone once again to Lark and Zain!

Back cover for the paperback edition

Lark is a renowned minstrel in Forest’s End, but he has a gift beyond his beautiful voice and masterful skill with a lute that few know about. He has the ability to see and speak with souls of the dead. Other than his closest companions, only one man has never shown fear of his gift and even offered him love.

Known as the Black Fox, Zain is an assassin and thief. He never planned much of a future for himself, until he met Lark. He wants to make a good life for them, but to truly be with Lark, he needs to give up his life in the shadows.

Passion and love strengthens between them, and nothing will stop Zain from protecting Lark. When a new enemy threatens to pull them apart, it’ll take more than steel to keep Lark safe. It may be that the only one who has the key to defeat a murderous necromancer is Lark himself.