Friday, May 13, 2016

Only Two More Weeks!

It's hard to believe that in only two more weeks, Demon Duke, the sequel to Vampire Prince, will be released at MLR Press! Yay! You all know I'm always excited about each of my new books coming out, but for a lot of reasons, this one feels a little extra special. I can't wait to bring back Sal, Calvin, Valentin, Sebastian, Basil, and yes, Beezle too.

Since it's drawing close, I thought I'd share a little music inspiration with everyone. This song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons is one of Sal's and Calvin's favorites, and mine too :-) Every once in awhile, certain songs connect with my stories and guys for me. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it's like it brings those guys in closer when the song is on. I loved this song before writing Demon Duke, but one day when listening to it, things snapped together and it connected with Sal and Calvin. Now when I listen to it, I always think of them <3

Next week, I'll share a sneak peek at the story! Demon Duke, Paranormal Nobles Book 2, releases at MLR Press on May 27th!

A month ago, Calvin Blackwood found himself in the company of vampires, having been hired to use his talent as a witch to summon a demon. That demon ended up saving his life. In the time since, he hasn’t been able to forget about Sal. He knows entering a deal with a demon is dangerous, but to save his brother, binding himself to the beautiful demon might be worth the risk.

Sal is a duke among demons. An immortal being, more powerful than a vampire, but who has one admitted weakness, a fondness for humans. When Calvin offers to make a deal, he’s hesitant, but can’t deny his need to be closer to him. He also knows if he doesn’t help him, Calvin will summon another demon, and he knows all too well the treachery of his own kind.

Desire and trust builds between Calvin and Sal. Their relationship grows, but so does a hidden threat, and it might take power greater than a demon duke to save them. It might take that of a witch.

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