Friday, August 8, 2014

Upcoming Release - Storming Love: Gage and Collin

Howdy, everyone! Since I've been working on edits for my next story, I thought it's about time for me to share some more info on it. I mentioned this story in my previous writing update, Storming Love: Gage and Collin. The story is about 20k words, 39 or so pages. It's part of a six story compilation, in which each book is written by a different author, but all the books are connected by the authors' individual characters facing the same hurricane. It's a very cool idea and the other authors involved are fantastic!  Diana DeRicciKendall McKennaParker WilliamsKaje Harper, and Stephani's amazing to be in with this gang!

Each story in the compilation will have the same beautiful cover, which was designed by the extremely talented, Kris Jacen, who is also the Executive Editor at MLR Press and my editor. Having her take time out of her busy schedule to put her artistic talents to work on the cover was awesome.

And the tentative release date list for the stories goes...

September 5th - Gage and Collin - S.J. Frost
September 12th - Bradley and Mike - Stephani Hecht
September 19th - Bear and Travis - Parker Williams
September 25th - Austin and Troy - Kendall McKenna
October 3rd - Nelson and Caleb - Kaje Harper
October 10th - Doug and Neal - Diana DeRicci

In less than a month, the books will start rolling out! Very exciting!

And now, it's my pleasure to share with you all the cover for the series and introduce you to my guys, Gage and Collin!

As a professional rider on the NRHA circuit, Gage Chapman has known success. He’s also known discrimination. Many people didn’t want an openly gay rider competing in the sport, much less winning again and again on his champion Paint stallion, The Shaman. Wanting to get away from it all, Gage had left Utah to set up a breeding farm in North Carolina and there, he found what he’d always hoped for, a man he could love.

Collin Maddox is the town deputy with his sights set on becoming sheriff someday. He knows local attitudes wouldn’t be real pro on voting a gay sheriff into office, so he’s kept his sexuality a secret for years. For all the care he has for Gage, his secret tore them apart, leaving them both with regrets and broken hearts.

Now Hurricane Lauris is coming in fast and strong. Gage has refused to evacuate and leave his horses behind. Knowing Gage is alone, Collin goes to Gage’s farm to help him, only to find himself trapped there. Hurt, anger, and passion erupts between them. As the storm rages around them, both men wonder if this is a new beginning, or the final ending.


  1. Ohh~ that's awesome! I am so looking forward to it! :D

    1. Thank you very, very much! I'm happy to hear you like the sound of it :D